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21st Century Learning Focus

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  • José Popoff Physics and Chemistry teacher in High School.  Wishing to make connections and share information on technological development and application in the classroom. Particularly like to share http://www.tabpimps.com/category/category/Nature/.  Please visit at http://www.josepopoff.com
  • Roberto Bonefont, Sr. - Coordinator of Work Based Learning Programs for Career Development, Dutchess County BOCES Career & Technical Institute, Poughkeepsie, NY follow me @wblteacher
  • Ashley Burton -first grade teachers assistant- St. Charles, MO - studying Masters in Educational Technology -twitter:: @missashburton  



Come take a look at Rocky View Schools (www.rockyview.ab.ca) and its use of a learning model that integrates Universal Design for Learning, Balanced Learning and Understanding by Design as the premise underscoring the development of 21st century learner competencies (http://www.rockyview.ab.ca/21stC/learning-model-folder/LearningModelUpdatecropped.jpg/view?searchterm=rvs%20learning%20model). (Wesley Oginski, Director of Learning - 21st Century Insruction)


Mach, David New Jersey Teacher Committed to using everything the 21st Century has to offer: 7th and 8th grade language arts and history teacher in urban district. My Blog


Great Site (Master Teacher Training from INEL) (21st Century Learning) (Technology/Planning/Units etc...)


tinamonte- Middle School Special Ed Teacher, focus on Ed/Assistive Techhttp://www.tinamonteleone.blogspot.com/


Jason Cooper - follow me @coopsjd, visit my blogs: Let's Push Things Forward and Mr Cooper's CAC Classes.  Middle School English and SOSE teacher who has worked internationally in many different roles.




Jessica Allen Twitter:  @jessievaz12  PYP Curriculum Coordinator, Santiago College, Santiago, Chile.  Interested in all things International Baccalaureate (IB) for the Primary Years Program (PYP) as well as 21st century learning and educational technology.  Looking for ways to inspire the teachers at my school to integrate technology not only in their teaching but their professional lives as well through Personal Learning Networks (PLN).


Big Picture Instructional Design: We are a very small company that gets contracted by studios and production companies to write curriculum about new, educational, entertaining films. Follow us on twitter to get first access to materials, and keep up with new media literacy news: @bigpictureID



gracinginfinity- Assistant Principal, Colchester Middle School VT, committed to creating and encouraging authentic learning and teaching, interested in all things technological, working to transform education


aaronpalm - Assistant Principal of Tech, teach IS Web Design using Moodle, etc.  


Deron Durflinger -The Secondary Principal at Van Meter Schools in Van Meter, IA, committed to changing the educational system.  Follow happenings at Van Meter with #vanmeter.  My blog is derondurflinger.blogspot, this is a link to my wiki and our site.  Follow the happenings of a K-12 District making changes to the system to meet the needs of students of the 21st century. 


Teacher Librarians and Technology Coordinators 


  • rresidori - middle school technology and literacy specialist working in Chicago Public Schools.  My Blog.

Shannon McClintock Miller, Van Meter Community School(Van Meter, Iowa) District Teacher Librarian and Technology Coordinator.  Van Meter Library VOICE Google Site  and Shannon's Van Meter Library VOICE Blog  And follow happenings at Van Meter with  #vanmeter.


Elementary Teachers

  • Kevin Cummins is an ICT coach in Victoria Australia who runs edgalaxy.com. Kevin has a masters in I.T Education and breaks technology down to a practical and simple resource that is aimed at getting teachers and students confident in creating and using digital content in teaching and learning.  Kevin Can be found on twitter at edgalaxy_com


  • Brendan O'Brien (Brendano)is an eLearning teacher and coach in Australia for DEECD (Vic Dept of Ed) and organises conferences, training and competitions for Australian students. next eConference for teachers is August 3,4,5 online with Elluminate. tom March is Keynote + 18 great workshops from practicing teachers. International guests welcome to register via www.21clearning.globalteacher.org.au
  • purchase lyrica 25mg from safe online pharmacy. Also order soma without prescription.
  • Current student competition is 2009 Science Video Competition "60 second challenge" $8000 in prizes via www.60secondscience.net 
  • sandynay - Audrey Nay. Teacher Librarian and Technology Leader, Sandy Beach Public School, K-6, NSW, Australia


Professional Development People 21st Century Learning Focus (across curriculum areas and across grade levels)



  • queenwilson- Erica Wilson - Computer Science/Technology teacher @ Woodsville HS in Woodsville, NH, classes: 21st Digital Communications, Digital Film, Web Design, Animation, 21st Century Research & Presentations, Computer Applications. BA English, MEd Educational Technology http://whs.sau23.org/

  • jakesiggy - German Teacher- Web Designer- Professional Development Team Leader

  • vbek - Valerie Becker - Director of Integrated Technologies, UpIsland Regional School District, k-8 -ADE & GCT

  • teacherbytes - John Woodring - Instructional Technology Coach in Bluffton, SC

  • debbiefuco - ICT Specialist, Educational Technology, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Media Literacy, Doctoral Student, Digital Video, Middle School, Social Studies

  • JillKathleen - K-8 technology teacher, media, photography, web design

  • royads - website developer from mumbai, seo specialist, web designing India.

  • kathymaske  K-6 computer/ 5-8 Art, Tecnology coordinator IL

  • ElyseEA Program Director, NWPSpecial Education Teachers

  • distinctly_dave - Director of Technology Integration, Northern Ohio Research & Training Technology Hub (NORT2H)

  • Stephanie Sandifer - Literacy Specialist, Houston Independent School District, Edublogger (Change Agency and LeaderTalk), Author: Wikified Schools (wiki)

  • uptonben - Benjamin Friesen | learning.21st: leverage the power of the web.  Blog

  • Bwoolley - Brad Woolley  Digital Design/Multimedia Teacher/Digital Communications  7/8 Grades Show Low Middle School, Show Low, Arizona

  • @BradStokes Elearning consultant and educational designer working for www.mtraining.com.au under the J2S Group

  • Kidsnetsoft-Chris Clementi, Middle school computer teacher, staff developer and frequent presentor at the T.I.E. conference in Colorado.  http://www.kidsnetsoft.com/html/home2.html

  • hbailie Secondary school ICT coach and teacher librarian from Melbourne, Australia

  • mrsliv Superintendent of Schools Weymouth Massachusetts "Time to get the leadership on board"

  • mtredenick - Very into the 21st century classroom.  Let's change the way we teach to fit the way our students learn - digital textbooks, project based learning, less memorization and more skills!

  • Michele Berner. ICT Leader, IT and English teacher at secondary school in Melbourne, Australia.  Blog: http://micheleberner.edublogs.org.au

  • Mary Enright.  Middle School 8th grade Science and Math Teacher.

  • David Brechbiel.  Former K-12 Educator.  Current CEO of mamboSchools, a CMS service for K-12 schools, interested in providing tools to integrate 21st Century learning in all classrooms. (Lafayette, Indiana)

  • profsontag - 7th grade language arts teacher, San Jose, CA, previously taught 6th grade LA and social studies.  Master Instructional Technology, PhD Instructional Design for Online Learning (Capella University). Developed new learning theory and instructional design model for teaching 21st-century students.  Webpage www.timetrek.org, blog at http://timetrek-sontag.blogspot.com/.  Looking for feedback on the new learning theory.  See article and webcast at Innovate Journal, April/May issue.

  • charrod  Instructional Technology Specialist for K-12 School District in Cincinnati, OH.  Deeply believe in problem/project based learning and voraciously soak up anything having to do with 21st Century learning.

  • npratt-Nancy Pratt-Technology and Instruction Specialist, Cave Creek Unified School District in Arizona.  Differentiation, digital storytelling, iPods in the Classroom, 21st Century learning.....

  • @CSCorganization - Curriculum Services Canada: A Toronto based non-profit that specializes in e-learning products and curriculum assessement, as well as supporting The Curriculum Foundation. TCF is a registered Canadian charity that provides grants and mentoring to teachers who have innovative ideas to produce teaching resources. Our Twitter account brings together awesome ed-tech, PD, and pedagogical philosophy ideas as well as cool education news from around the world (http://www.curriculum.org/)Teleserye
  • MissHett- Former K-8 Educator. Current Educational Technology Master student

  • Barbara Bray - Educational Consultant who has always believed in learning by doing - focusing on project-based learning, collaboration, and real-world activities. Blog: Rethinking Learning. Community with examples of projects

  • Ashwin G. Rao - Software Development Project Manager at Nettrekker.com

  • Loreen Stone - Tech Teacher, K - 6 in PC lab

  • Shea Smith - 9-12 Tech Teacher: Computer Applications, Social Media, Digital Imaging. @ New San Juan High School.

  • @nandikerri- Kerri Richardson, Director of Academic Technology, Brooklyn Friends School @ NYSAIS Educational Technology Committee (NEIT) [we're using GoogleDocs Campus-wide, Linux netbooks, liberal use of multimedia throughout curriculum]

  • Bill Montana - HS IB Physics SL, Rocket Science; CMS user, 21st Century Learning / Teaching

    I use Drupal CMS, blogging, and twitter. Intend to use more Web 2.0 technology this year and to expose more teachers to 21C L/T.

  • mrteacherperson - I teach middle school humanities @ a charter school.  See also http://www.misterteacherperson.blogspot.com.

  • Derek Schwartz - former K-6 teacher in Minnesota, now with an IT company: JDL Technologies

  • AndromedaJazmon - Library Media Specialist & K - 5 tech teacher, Philadelphia PA. Kidlit blog: http://awrungsponge.blogspot.com AKA "cloudscome".

  • Allison Kenney- 5th grade teacher, professional development instructor, professor at university of central florida, interested in 21st century teaching and 21st century professional development. 

  • Marie Doherty - going back to teaching 11/12 year olds after 10 years working with parents. Very interested in using technology in my classroom but new to this and need to learn.

  • Edutopia - Inspiration and information for what works in public education. www.edutopia.org.

  • Digin4ed - Rochester, NY, dedicated adjunct (community college) in business and economics

  • ajillgalloway - Jill Galloway, Technology Specialist, New Tech High @ Coppell, Texas

  • @NikPeachey Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Trainer check out the services I offer at: http://www.technogogy.org.uk/services.shtml more than ten years experience in e-learning and online training

  • @mrsjgarcia - Jennifer Garcia- Learning Resources Centre Coordinator and KS3 ICT Teacher at Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, El Salvador, My wiki, My Blog, our Learning Resources Centre Site.
  • VTChallenge - I have an excellent curriculum tool for teaching students 'real world' business education in a fun and exciting way: Virtual Team Challenge: Spill!
  • @specialkrb - Karen Blumberg - Middle School Technology Coordinator at The School at Columbia University in NYC. ceramic watch
  • @richardscullin -Richard Scullin: MobileEd.org helps teachers and local education agencies (LEAs) in K-12 and higher education to integrate mobiles with curriculum.
  • @raysadad - Raman Job, Public Relations Facilitator, The Manitoba Teachers' Society. 
  • @djainslie Teacher mentor and technology integrator- working with prek-12 teachers on integrating 21st century skills and technology into their curriculum. blog: technology chatter  wiki for sharing SMART Board resources and other web 2.0 resources
  • Kris Pavlasek Integration Coach for 21st Century Skills, Upper Arlington City Schools, Ohio - Elementary Focus white ceramic watches
  • Mizgibson Amy Gibson, Library Media Specialist, Drama Teacher, Technology integrationist near Columbus, OH




  • getwhatugive - 7/8 social studies teacher in central NY. Interested in arts in education, technology integration, seamless curriculum, media literacy, authentic assessment, differentiated instruction, social and emotional learning. automatic watch  skeleton watch mechanical watch
  • s2art Photography teacher, focusing on Art and Commercial Photography, also teaches, Intor to DTP and Dreamweaver 
  • @paulharr87 - English language and technology teacher. Trying to help students in developing countries join the 21st century.
  • kristenmarie123  -2nd grade teacher and tech integrator 
  • @thenewtag  Blog: http://thenewtag.wordpress.com/  - Melissa Tran - Areas of expertise include leveraging peer pressure to create safe, supportive, positive student cultures, teaching skills to change behavior (conflict resolution, peer mediation, effective communication, problem solving, teamwork, empathy, self awareness, self-assessment, reflection and personal planning), imbedding 21st Century Skills development into the school culture, using project based learning to shape the school community, effective student and classroom management. I develop and customize presentations, workshops, conferences, resources, tools and technical assistance models based on client needs. I love to collaborate and <3 my PLN, and especially enjoy supporting new teachers as they build their practice! Shoot me a note! melissa.tran@mac.com 


Core 4 All is looking for educators who have a desire to restructure curriculum around the Common Core. Read our blog at http://core4all.wordpress.com and visit us at www.core4all.com 


  • @InstructiveInt  - Instructive Interference Twitter Feed. William Kierstead. 21st Century Learning researcher and 25 year career educator. Instructive Interference blog. Focus on 21st Century skills, education, technology, ICT integration, policy, pre-service education, student engagement and professional development. There are also frequent examples of what 21st Century Learning looks like. Numerous, and I mean numerous links to Web 2.0 resources and articles of interest.  
  • @kschulten, Editor of the New York Times Learning Network (@nytimeslearning)
  • @sereneyee - Primary and secondary subject specialist whose interests are in 21st century learning and skills development. Currently teaching ICT and literacy, and facilitates technology at an international school in Hong Kong. 



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Patricia Ryan said

at 4:18 pm on Apr 30, 2009

Patti Ryan - School Improvement and Curriculum Coordinator, MVAO, Iowa

Brendan O'Brien said

at 3:10 pm on Jul 28, 2009

Brendan O'Brien (Brendano)is an eLearning teacher and coach in Australia for DEECD (Vic Dept of Ed) and organises conferences, training and competitions for Australian students. next eConference for teachers is August 3,4,5 online with Elluminate. tom March is Keynote + 18 great workshops from practicing teachers. International guests welcome to register via www.21clearning.globalteacher.org.au
Current student competition is 2009 Science Video Competition "60 second challenge" $8000 in prizes via www.60secondscience.net

bschelle@... said

at 12:15 am on Jan 28, 2013

@BarbaraSchelle - I am a Learning Consultant/Case Manager who works with Students with Disabilities in Northern New Jersey. I love social media/technology, and I am very interested in diet and exercise as well as its effects on student learning and behavior. I enjoy sharing and exchanging information related to special education, teaching and learning, positive parenting, and physical/emotional health and wellness.

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