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College and University

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College and University

21st Century Learning Focus

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College/University Teachers

Alphabetized by Twitter Address:

(work in progress)


  • @aacook @andygcook - Co-Instructors for Interactive Web hosting Programming at the UMass Amherst.  http://flash.cs.umass.edu.  We teach mostly flex/flash/php/technologies in our course, with an average class size of around 20.  Students design and build their own game, a web application, and end the semester with a 4-5 week long final project.  If you're interested in the course, send me a DM.

  • ajh432 Andrea Hall- Learning Designer & Consultant at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. Passionate about learning, about Moodle and social learning. I work with teachers running learning workshops, 1 on 1 consulting etc. My blog: http://elearn.co 

  • alexpickett - Alexandra M. Pickett, associate director of the SUNY Learning Network, in charge of online faculty development and instructional design, and adjunct professor at SUNY Albany, teaching intro to online teaching - http://twitter.com/etap687 ASP.Net Development
  • angiemc99 3rd grade teaching in Wamego, KS and adjunct professor for Baker University's online continuing ed classes for teachers









  • dansmath - college teacher, author, webmaster, podcaster

  • @davidbdale - Adjunct Professor (ESL) Camden County College, Adjunct Professor Philadelphia Community College (ESL/ENG), Adjunct Professor Rowan University (ENG). Current instructional wikis: ESL Writing 5, ESL Writing 3. Fiction website Very Short Novels.

  • Digin4ed - Terry Eberhart, adjunct faculty, Monroe Community College, Business and Economics Dept. Rochester NY ( I am also MCCProfE

  • dmantz7 - adjunct professor, Sterling College in Sterling, KS. I work with pre-service on integrating technology transparently to assist with enhancement of classroom instruction. You can catch us on Future Teachers Ning or on our Teaching Innovations wiki.

  • @dpeter David Peter - Director, Center for Teaching and Learning @ Vincennes University -

  • @drjohnhadley (professional Twitter) or @winetimejs (personal Twitter)- Dr. John H. Strange, Professor of Professional Studies, University of South Alabama. Lead teacher for Edtech course required for all aspiring teachers.  My Personal Blog  My Class Blog

  • @drkpking- Dr. Kathy King -Keynote speaker, author, coach, and professor.... my alias is really Geek Goddess Explore Learning, Living and Tech through this prof's twitter stream. Your premiere faculty coach!

    • Helping faculty embrace technology in order to grow in their own learning and in their teaching!

    • Focusing on ed tech, distance learning, adult learning and transformative learning

    • Teachers Podcast - cohost and founder






  • finleyt - Associate Professor of English Education, East Carolina University



  • gaugler -Associate Professor of Spanish, Marist College

  • Greenhance - (Jennifer Kaplan) Adjunct faculty in MArketing at Marymount University, Arlington, VA.  I teach marketing to undergraduates: Principles or Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Market Research.  I also am a green small business consultant.

  • @ggatin ICT instructor with Brandon University. Grad class = BU ICT 07755 Under grad =  BU 03:361 Also online mentor for Northcentral University eLearning classes in the Masters program and research methodologies in the doctoral program. 



  • hcrompton  Educator with a passion for technology supporting in our schools for 16 years and now focusing on a PhD in Technology in Education at UNC-CH  Tweets about technology in education
  • Hoosierkiz - Associate Prof of Elementary Education; teaches online graduate classes in literacy and research @ Ball State University, Indiana
  • hjcombs -  University professor; interested in technology use in education, clinical faculty training, travel, and life.



  • InstructorG - Ken Gillam, Educational Technologist and Instructor of Teacher Education at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical college. 


  • janineutell -- Associate Professor of English at Widener University; specialization in 20th century British literature

  • janineutell -- Associate Professor of English at Widener University; specialization in 20th century British literature
  • jeakersjanet- Acting Program Director of the Radiologic Technology Program Jefferson College, Hillsboro, MO.  We are a two years Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Radiology, working in the St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Francois, and Cape Counties. Would love to connect with other Radiology educators across the country!

           I'm currently working on my MET degree through MOBaptist University.. Follow my school blog at http://jakersradblog.blogspot.com/

  • jennmelb-- PhD. Literature teacher to International Students, Higher Ed Researcher, Melbourne, Australia. Constructivist Pedagogy Blog
  • JimBabbage - Part-time instructor at Centennial and Humber Colleges in Toronto, Ontario. I teach in the areas of photography, digital imaging and web design. I have also written two instructional books on Adobe Fireworks, and recorded three video training titles for lynda.com and write regularly for CommunityMX

  • joevans - Professional Learning Consultant, Manitoba Education Citizenshp and Youth

  • Josie Fraser - Social & Educational Technologist, UK-Based, advising on national, regional & local level cyberbullying & e-Safety policy and practice, social networking services and social media for formal and informal learning, schools and web 2.0. 

  • jtt  - Associate Professor of Educational Technology at Buffalo State College. Interests include desktop Web conferencing, online learning, and green computing.





  • lccwritingprof -  Assistant Professor, English at Leeward Community College in Pearl City, Hawaii. 

  • LeahMacVie - Instructional Designer at Canisius College, in Buffalo, NY. All things ANGEL/LMS, Ed Tech, Design, Course Design- etc.

  • loonyhiker - (Pat Hensley); retired special education teacher; educational consultant; adjunct instructor for Furman University; master's level courses in Special Ed
  • lowrancem - Melissa Lowrance, M.Ed Assistant Professor in Division of Education at Trinity International University. I teach Technology Integration courses for Pre-Service programs in undergraduate and Master's certification program. I also teach Elementary Science Methods and Technology Applications classes for general ed. My interests are in STEM, 21st century skills/outcomes and web 2.0 technologies in the teaching/learning environment.     

  • NBCCSue - Teaching/Learning Facilitator at the New Brunswick Community College Saint John.  Saint John, NB Canada

  • Lynn Blasey - Program Coordinator for Community Arts Partnerships at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI which provides free art and design classes to over 4,000 Detroit youth each year.




  •         malinkaiva - Lecturer, Technical University - Sofia

  • maremel -- (Gigi Johnson) connected media lecturer at UCLA Anderson's Entertainment and Media Management Program -- currently Ed.D. student at Fielding in Educational Leadership and Change -- on connected learning toolsets for middle and early high school
  • marklipton - Association Professor, University of Guelph.
  • MaryHr - Professor, Library & Media Services, Kent State University (ICT/Web2.0 researcher) Current research involves social media literacy and social networking applications in education.

  • maxfish - Maxine Fisher, Adjunct Associate Professor, CUNY College of Staten Island, Instructional Technology; TechPoint
  • mcleod - Scott McLeod; Associate Professor & Director, CASTLE; Iowa State University; www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org
  • Medtech - ESL and Healthcare programs in GA, FL, IN, KY, MD, VA and DC.
  • Melanie Lewis-Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Amherst County, VA

  • mhtalbut - doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Curriculum and Instruction of the Social Studies.  I also teach pre-service teachers technology and techniques of teaching the social studies at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO.

  • michaeljdg Assoc Prof in Literature Teaching/Learning with Blogs http://michaelgriffith.livejournal.com/
  • mrkampmann Instructional Facilitator @ Southeast Technical Institute Sioux Falls, SD. I work with faculty and IT to develop technology usage in the classroom.
  • MOFET ITEC - Research & updates on Teacher Education & Professional development of teachers. Please visit the MOFET Institute website and the MOFET ITEC hompage  - International Teacher Educators Community.



  • Laura Nicosia - Associate Prof English/English Education. Montclair State University, NJ.  Current research: social networking in education, multiple (new) literacies and digital epistemologies.

  • NorthLight - Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science Information Systems, Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA. Classes taught are Internet Marketing, Web Develpment Tools. My company is Angecom Media Group 

  • nycrican2 Nelly Cardinale Associate Professor, Teach Computer Science at Brevard Community College home.brevardcc.edu/cardinalen



  • onealchris - Chris O'Neal, University of Virginia  - Administrative Leadership/Web 2.0


  • pattizoop - Patti Wilkins, Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Applications in Education at UNC-Charlotte

  • phdaisy - Daisy Pignetti, Assistant Professor of English [Rhetoric & Composition] University of Wisconsin-Stout

    • I'm at a laptop campus which facilitates the use of Twitter quite nicely. 

    • I require all my first year writing students, online and F2F, to create accounts. 

    • I use my @profpignetti account to make announcements as well as livetweet during class. 

    • I blog at daisypignetti.com but of most interest to this group would be the Twitter Research report that's posted there. 

    • Also of interest to this audience may be the diigo Emerging Social Software group I've created with some colleagues

  • profsontag -Master Instructional Technology, PhD Instructional Design for Online Learning (Capella University). Developed new learning theory and instructional design model for teaching 21st-century students. TV Shows Webpage www.timetrek.org, blog at http://timetrek-sontag.blogspot.com/.  Looking for feedback on the new learning theory.  See article and webcast at Innovate Journal, April/May issue.
  • ProfessorKScrog - Communication Arts Instructor at University of Alabama - Huntsville. Specializes in Training and Development. Teaches courses in Business and Professional Communication, Human Com, Public Speaking, T&D. Interested in better use of social media in the higher ed classroom. Blog  Student Resource Blog
  • pvtiptop - Teach College Study Skills at rural community college




  • @sandralovett  -- university grant writer, PhD student, nonprofit and grant writing consultant, aspiring future university educator. Missouri Southern State University Watch Movies (MSSU).

  • seanmendoza - Sean Mendoza, Education Technology Doctoral Student at Pepperdine University, Adjunct Professor at Northern Arizona University and Pima College Adjunct Faculty. (http://www.seanmendoza.com)

  • smcclements -Susan McClements - M.A. in Ed. with an emphasis in Instructional Technology;  instructor of Computer Applications and teach the business education methods course at Bethel College in Indiana.  Working to revise the computer application course required for business majors to include Web 2.0 technologies


  • sseepersad - Technophile and twittering (mostly) about latest, coolest edtech tools. Assistant Professor at California State University, Fresno.

  • sueckhardt - Part-time Senior Instructor for University of Colorado Denver, School Library & Instructional Leadership Graduate Program, Denver, CO

  • skipvia - Instructor, University of Alaska School of Education; instructional technology classes, curriculum development, professional development; interests in social networking, teacher as designer, digital storytelling; faculty page; course page; personal page

  • sueckhardt - Part-time Senior Instructor for University of Colorado Denver, School Library & Instructional Leadership Graduate Program, Denver, CO






  • @University News OnlineLearning - University News Nelson J Spoto, online education and PR for the University Alliance, A worldwide leader in interactive professional education, the University Alliance Online provides unprecedented access to the nation’s top universities.

  • @UNMVCTLC The Teaching and Learning Center at the University of New Mexico Valencia. Dr. Najib Manea and Philip Leimbach, MCT





  • @WSUSocStudies - Dan Krutka, Ph.D. - Middle Level/Secondary Social Studies Program Chair at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS. Former high school social studies teacher.  



College/University Teachers

Alphabetized but not by Twitter Address:




  • Alec CourosaEd. Tech Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina

  • andystanton - Andy Stanton, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas. I teach advertising, public relations, desktop publishing and various classes using web 2.0 technologies. My blog can be found here. I LOVE TWITTER

  • Center for Visualization. For Alice Programming discussions, The Center for Visualization has just started a Facebook page.  Just search for group "Center for Visualization".   Barbara Conover, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA

  • Chris O'Neal - University of Virginia - onealchris at twitter

  • College LIfe

  • College Degree Information

  • Dan Krutka - Middle Level/Secondary Social Studies Program Chair at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS. Former high school social studies teacher.  

  • Delaney Kirk - Ph.D. in Management; Professor at University of South Florida; Uses her 26 years of experience to blog on teaching at www.delaneykirk.com

  • doug_holton - Asst prof of instructional technology at Utah State.  Blog at http://edtechdev.blogspot.com/.  Also have a webpage and twitter account that posts edu/psy journal articles as they come out

  • Dr. Ludmilla Smirnova, Ph.D - Associate Professor of Education, Mount Saint Mary College. I  teach Curriculum Planning, Methods of Teaching and Teaching with Technology courses on both undergraduate and graduate levels. Twtter/ Plurk ID milasunshine.
  • Emma Duke-Williams - University of Portsmouth, UK. Senior Lecturer in School of Computing & Faculty eLearning Co-ordinator for Technology Faculty. Personal blog at http://userweb.port.ac.uk/~duke-wie/blog

  • iteachonline2 - Ms. LaFollette, Langston University, Adj. Instructor, Trainer, Online Course Coordinator

  • judypdrsn - English teacher, docoral student studying creativity/motivation/learning technologies/global learning projects.

  • kimbowa - Kim Flintoff: K-12 drama teacher, teacher educator, contemporary performance, research student (Western Australia) - developing drama approaches to learning in virtual worlds. Instructional Designer at Curtin University.


  • ransomtech - Stephen Ransom, Ph.D. Adjunct professor of instructional technology at Nazareth College. My blog can be found here

  • rimm - Stefan Rimm, Ph. D. student in Education, Örebro University, Sweden. History of Education, Rhetoric.

  • sambowne - Sam Bowne, City College San Francisco, teaching Ethical Hacking, security, and Cisco.  Website: samsclass.info

  • smcclements -Susan McClements - M.A. in Ed. with an emphasis in Instructional Technology;  instructor of Computer Applications and teach the business education methods course at Bethel College in Indiana.  Working to revise the computer application course required for business majors to include Web 2.0 technologies

  • tekzeno - Jacqui Derby, Ph.D. in Educational Technologies, Computer Science & Art history at various universities.
  • www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org


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Check out this list of higher ed people on Twitter too: http://karlynmorissette.karlyn.me/2009/01/master-higher-ed-twitter-list/comment-page-1/

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What a sensational resource, Gina. Why did I not know of this until today? (Not a complaint. I will tweet about it now and often so as to be part of the solution.) Thank you very much.

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