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e-Learning Teachers

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e-Learning Teachers:

  • Ralph Blackwelder @  www.twitter.com/Webyer :  Associate Professor of Business & Computer Information Systems; teacher, moodler, eLearning, technology, web 2.0, U.S.Army Retired. Augusta, Georgia.  Moodle site: www.RalphBlackwelder.com .  Find me on facebook: www.Webyer.com
  • sanjeshsharma @ New Ways to Learn (www.newwaystolearn.com) - UK based educationalist and futurist with 12 years teaching and school leadership experience. Passionate about the
  • es and more online collaboration.  I am involved in presenting and facilitating lots of e-Learning activities and workshops e.g. Vodcasting as an educational tool, Web2 tools in the classroom, etc.  Presented at the Innovation Showcase in 2009, shortlisted for Curriculum Innovation Award, featured in Shine Magazine.  Day-job: E-Learning Facilitator and Coach at a big Secondary College.  
  • Brendan O'Brien (Brendano)is an eLearning teacher and coach in Australia for DEECD (Vic Dept of Ed) and organises conferences, training and competitions for Australian students. next eConference for teachers is August 3,4,5 online with Elluminate. tom March is Keynote + 18 great workshops from practicing teachers. International guests welcome to register via www.21clearning.globalteacher.org.au
  • Current student competition is 2009 Science Video Competition "60 second challenge" $8000 in prizes via www.60secondscience.net
  • SchoolTube- www.schooltube.com allows students and teachers to upload videos in a safe and moderate environment for FREE! Follow them on twitter with http://twitter.com/schooltube
  • Richard Schumacher (@techinitiatives) - Manager, Technology Initiatives with the Workforce & Community Development division of St. Louis Community College. Microsoft Certified Trainer and IT Professional, eLearning designer and developer, web technologist. My website, workforce development podcasts
  • Michelle Green @mrg_3 on Twitter, I use Livebinders and Diigo as part of my PLN; eLearning coach for 1:1 district in Indiana.


     • winetimejs - Dr. John Strange, Professor of Professional Studies, University of South Alabama Lead Instructor for Ed Tech course for aspiring teachers. Founding Dean, College of Public and Community Service, University of Massachusetts at Boston. My Personal Blog

  • @drkpking- Dr. Kathy King -Keynote speaker, author, coach, and professor.... my alias is really Geek Goddess Explore Learning, Living and Tech through this prof's twitter stream. Your premiere faculty coach!
  • jsuzcampos - instructional designer, professional development provider, online dissertations course developer, e-learning coordinator
  • FrauSusi - World Language teacher, Tech trainer, professional development team leader.  http://susimurray.pbworks.com/
  • thecleversheep - e-learning consultant, blogger, and podcaster, I hang my hat at http://thecleversheep.com
  • loisath ICT Leading Teacher p-6, ICT Extension for High achieving and gifted students 2-6 in Melbourne Australia, My ICT Journey, LEEP
  • @EnglishProfi - I am here to help e-learning trainers find new clients. At English Profi we want to gather all English language services professionals in one place so companies and the public can find you. http://englishprofi.com/ is offering 3 months free membership for a limited time. Give us a try and contact me any time with your feedback. Kenny Christian
  • thecleversheep - e-learning consultant; additional qualifications teacher (ICT; Spec.Ed); blogger; podcaster
  • loisath ICT Leading Teacher p-6, ICT Extension for High achieving and gifted students 2-6 in Melbourne Australia, My ICT Journey, LEEP
  • ctak10- Chery Takkunen, Ph.D., tech consultant, associate professor, Chair, Graduate Education Programs, presenter, researcher, blogger
  • fishnjen - eLearning Coordinator for a K-12 school district in NE Ohio.
  • mggale - ICT and ed-tech, Junior School UK
  • joevans - Professional Learning Consultant, Manitoba Education Citizenshp and Youth
  • Josie Fraser - Social & Educational Technologist, UK-Based, advising on national, regional & local level cyberbullying & e-Safety policy and practice, social networking services and social media for formal and informal learning, schools and web 2.0.
  • wgraziadei - Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G) , SUNY Professor Emeritus & (e)Learning Consultant
  • prodev and protrain (Ellen Paxton) Teacher's Toolbar and Consultant's Toolbar both free and loaded with resources and tools
  • deployedteacher - CA RSP teacher working in a Court School - currently deployed to Afghanistan
  • Colin Becker - R-7 ICT Coordinator and Support Teacher, Adelaide, Australia
  • kimbowa - Kim Flintoff: K-12 drama teacher, teacher educator, contemporary performance, research student (Western Australia) - developing drama approaches to learning in virtual worlds. Instructional Designer at Curtin University.
  • Carstairs Marguerite- Online Classroom and School, ESL English, Writing and Speaking, Group Online Teaching
  • Ulf Skauli, Norwegian educator, master of science in ICT in education and special educator.
  • eabbey - Director of Online Learning for Heartland Area Education Agency, Des Moines.
  • Sirin- E-moderater& also developing an online course for the British Council.
  • tutor1235 tutor, special ed teacher, online teacher
  • Kigluait Educational Adventures: Providing customizable project-based simulation programs and curriculum via web 2.0 and videoconferencing.
  • TechWarrior - Mike, an ITRT in Henrico County at a high school.  Always looking for ways to collaborate.  Also I have my main blog.
  • SydTheSkeptic - Secondary (Drama, English, Video Production) I currently teach middle school and I'm a blogger/vlogger.
  • kylemackie - in Guelph, Ontario. courseware, elearning, good design, architecture, ukuleles. father of 2. Somewhat responsible for Desire2Tweet, D2L Users Group Tweet 
  • Myoung7 - Technology Education Teacher in Baltimore, MD. I am twittering these days.
  • http://twitter.com/myoung7 - Give me a tweet. I work with Special Needs Kids
  • lasic - Tomaz Lasic, secondary school Humanities teacher, ICT mentor, Moodle and Web 2.0 enthusiast and presenter, writer, blogger

  • debbiefuco - ICT Specialist, Educational Technology, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Media Literacy, Doctoral Student, Digital Video, Middle School, Social Studies

  • teacherportal - Becoming a teacher and teacher certification. Instructional designer for teaching courses

  • Chris White - cwhite@spa.edu Twiter whitechrisf1 wiki blog webpage

  • haleon- Chicago K-8 Technology teacher.  Love to get ideas on twitter!  Class blog

  • mnjorgensen - Fascinated by Digital Narrative, Web 2.0 observer, young adult literacy advocate, PD consultant, usability and web development, educator.

  • @tseale  English teacher in a computer lab half-day, and an instructional technology specialist the other half.  Check out my blog Enhanced English Teacher.

  • @BradStokes Elearning consultant and educational designer working for www.mtraining.com.au under the J2S Group

  • hbailie Secondary school ICT coach and teacher librarian from Melbourne, Australia

  • mrplough07 - secondary and grad school online teacher, edtech enthusiast, professional development coordinator

  • beckymather - online instructor for the Universirty of wisconsin-Stout

  • @rkiker - Rich Kiker - Palisades Technology Coach and HS Computer Science, Virtual High School and Multimedia teacher -   My Wiki

  • ezundel -  Evon Zundel - blendedschools.net Language Institute Coordinator - online Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish (and Hindi soon!) instruction

  • Barbara Bray - educational consultant, writer (professional development column for OnCUE), President of My eCoach, encouraging change and taking risks (Blog: Rethinking Learning) working with schools and universities all over who are rethinking e-Learning


  • cmohling - Charlotte Mohling - elearning instructor for DIAL Virtual School, South Dakota

  • @infernaldepart - E-Learning Co-ordinator at large comp in north east england. Apple / Moodle / Web 2.0 / OSS enthusiast. Introducing twitter with Year 12 students using @mrallantweet


  • jtt  - Associate Professor of Educational Technology at Buffalo State College. Interests include desktop Web conferencing, online learning, and green computing.
  • @ewellburn   instuctional designer/educator (focus on educational technology) children's author (book about the cellist of Sarajevo), thinking a lot about creativity over destructiveness

  • @sandralovett -- university grant writer, PhD student in Learning Management, nonprofit and grant writing consultant, aspiring future university educator.

  • Kevin Byers - Twitter: @kevinbyers  Google Profile I teach middle school technoogy and AVID at Clear Lake Middle School in Denver, Colorado. I use distance education tools and resources to help differentiate my face to face classes.
  • Mathsframe - Year 3/4 teacher trying to make high quality maths resources for interactive whiteboards - http://www.mathsframe.co.uk/free_resources.asp
  • teachmathemagics (Kelly Clark) - I  am currently writting curriculum for a distance learning company.  It is amazing to me that at least 4 people look/edit/rewrite each question before it is published for students and teachers.  Check out my website:  www.iteachmathemagics.com
  • @lesreilly:  I am an online facilitator and course designer for EdTech Leaders Online.  We train teachers how to design and deliver online workshops and maintain a catalog of 80+ online professional development workshops for teachers.
  • @NikPeachey Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Trainer check out the services I offer at: http://www.technogogy.org.uk/services.shtml more than ten years experience in e-learning and online training
  • Ashley - Trivia Fun for Education
  • @tnkwe eLearning & ICT Facilitator, trainer and mentor based in South Africa. ICT Integration (Educational games, Web 2.0, Twitter, e.t.c) 
  • @LWatchorn  E-Learning Facilitator working with K-6 teachers in 4 Primary Schools, Rotorua New Zealand.  Cluster wiki at: http://rellco.wikispaces.com
  • @vale24 Online moderator for http://www.theconsultants-e.com/ + blended learning tutor on University of Naples English Language Courses
  • Maxine Fisher - online facilitator for graduate reading program at an online university; blended courses in educational technology at CUNY, College of Staten Island
  • EduNut- Secondary English, Drama, Web 2.0, The art and craft of teaching, theory/practice, social networking as a constructivist learning tool,

    Blog-> EduNut.org
  • @NBCCSue - Online facilitator at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John, NB. Have facilitated Online Facilitator program for the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Created and facilitated online courses for supervisory staff at a local hospital. Currently facilitating blended learning courses in communications and employment strategies. Also Technology Mentor for faculty using Blackboard. Created a Web 2.0 course for staff at http://nbccexplorers.blogspot.com/  Started a blog at http://ripplesineducation.blogspot.com/ Enjoy networking and learning with colleagues!
  • giovannicoppola  e-learning coordinator at a Catholic High School in Sydney-Mac school
  • Nick Jackson - nmjcksn@yahoo.co.uk - @largerama - 11-18 year old students, Head of Information Communication Technology in a UK school


  • @everhartkaty - Teacher and graduate student interested in keeping up with what's happening with technology and education. 
  • @ugaodawg - Gregory Odell, e-Learning Specialist with Hall County Schools in Gainesville, GA 
  • point2five -  Working on Virtual PD programs for peak school body at the moment - Twitter is primary in my PLN
  • loisath ICT Leading Teacher p-6 school in Melbourne Australia, ICT Extension for High achieving and gifted students 2-6, My ICT JourneyAre You Connected Podcast  LEEP
  • @sereneyee - Primary and secondary subject specialist whose interests are in 21st century learning and skills development. Currently teaching ICT and literacy, and facilitates technology at an international school in Hong Kong.  



Comments (4)

Kenny Christian said

at 8:39 am on Apr 21, 2009

@EnglishProfi - I am here to help e-learning trainers find new clients. At English Profi we want to gather all English language services professionals in one place so companies and the public can find you. http://englishprofi.com/ is offering 3 months free for a limited time. Give us a try and contact me any time with feedback. Kenny

Sebastian Kent said

at 5:53 am on Jul 21, 2009

I am now working with a company that has developed an excellent elearning EFL portal, application and service, especially for independent EFL/ESL teachers.

It is a sophisticated online system which enables independent EFL teachers to deliver courses to students both locally and internationally. £3 million has been spent developing the system which consists of a user-friendly web platform, software, teaching materials and tools.

The teacher and student don't have to be online at the same time, so they can both work when and where they want
The teacher chooses their hours and the rates they want to charge. They also choose amount of work they want to do.
Teachers don't need to waste time and money travelling to students, and won't need to rent office space, or buy expensive teaching materials
Its easy to use and free training is given
Teachers are free to customise the standard courses provided, or to create their own courses from scratch.

If you want to find out more please email me at


Monika Szelag said

at 5:09 pm on Jan 23, 2011

@ESOL_teacher I am an ESOL / EFL teacher interested in the area of technology in language teaching and CALL. I am a keen Moodler and I am doing MSc in TESOL @ Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am new to Tiwtter and blogging and looking for other teachers interested in teaching and technology.

seymoursimon said

at 4:25 pm on Dec 7, 2012

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Also my ALA award-winning and Webby honoree website: http://www.seymoursimon.com/ (look up my many books for children by Seymour Simon)

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