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Elementary Teachers

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Some names don't seem like they're in the right spot. I was sorting 2nd grade and found a kindergarten and a 4th grade. Did no move them yet. Trying to make a twitter list and find which links don't work first. Next goals: go through and make sure all links open in a new tab. (I found out that it does not remember open in a new tab.)

We need to add the people from the comment section.

I'm only going through the fifth grade for the first few steps today. Might hit this again after winter break ~phjenx  - I just made a couple fixes while I was here :-) @martyd101



           http://www.teachsmart.org/Teacher%20Resources/Conference.aspx  Kindergarteners will love SMART Swatting! See a video example here.

  • 106K1s - K/1 split class tweeting class events and parent tips
  • abbeydani Kindergarten Teacher in Michigan
  • ac2steachk - Kindergarten teacher sending resources, observations, and tips for teachers
  • dharmazulu Kindergarten Teacher looking for interesting ways to enhance learning with technology, former reading recovery teacher. 
  • katie_rathmell  Previous Kindergarten teacher and now 21st Century Learning Assistant.
  • melaniesmith52 Kindergarten teacher in Missouri.  
  • christikemper Early/Elementary educator Missouri 

First Grade


Second Grade


          Blog: kristinapeters.wordpress.com 


Third Grade


  • suescott67 - teach grade 3/4 in British Columbia...would like ideas about kid friendly current news sites
  • 23thingsproj third grade teacher in a rural area
  • nodooley Third grade reading teacher in 1:1 classroom in Bryan, Texas
  • http://www.KidsReadAndRide.com Students ride exercise bikes donated from members of the community while reading fun magazines and books! Promote literacy and physical wellness, while having fun!
  • tconstantine classroom blogging, have your kids add to our 3rd grade book reviews! http://3rdgradereviewssc.blogspot.com/
  • susanajohnson looking to network with other 3rd grade teachers.
  • mkirchoff - 3rd grade eMINTS teacher, MO
  • learnmegood - 3rd grade math/ELA dual-language teacher in Dallas, TX.  Also the author of the humor novel Learn Me Good, a fictional retelling of my first year.
  • LitCoaching - Site-based Literacy Coach and Authors looking to network blogging at http://literacycoachingservices.blogspot.com/
  • SimplySuzy 3rd grade teacher, with a growing blog connecting school and families: http://blogs.falmouth.k12.ma.us/simplysuzy/
  • rosa_grade3 - supporting 3rd grade teachers, looking to share ways to make language arts accessible and engaging for all students
  • feaginsclass   3rd grade class looking to develop a network of learners in all subjects.
  • TheHomeworkDog 3rd grade teacher in MN- Smartboard user, looking for ways to increase technology in my classroom. Differentiation, guided reading focus in district- Math is my favorite. : ) 
  • kelalford  I am a third grade teacher that loves to collaborate with other teachers in all subject areas. 
  • khagemeier 3rd grade teacher in rural Missouri looking for ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and add to my SMARTboard resources.

  • lshughes  3rd grade teacher in a Catholic school

  • tomgavin educator - third grade & graduate school - love technology, social media, sharing effective teaching strategies - http://tgavin.com   

  • kmhmartin third grade-having fun  learning about technology tools to enhance my teaching

  • SaraMc81 - Grades 2-4 learning support teacher in Philadelphia Suburbs
  • sisqitman - Job sharing as a third grade teacher 2 days/week & Technology Specialist the other days - work in rural N.CA.
  • janalexander_ Grade 3/4 teacher. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
  • dthonus  Third grade teacher from Cape Cod, Massachusetts A great place to live, work, and learn!  Grad student in Instructional Media Program at Wilkes University. My class website: http://mrsthonus.com
  • sweitz508 3rd grade teacher from York, PA, new blogger, loves putting technology in the hand of my students
  • krsi77 3rd grade teacher from charter school with a focus on project based learning. I am trying to create a whos who to follow in education.  Please add to my blog at http://mrscastro-3rdgradeblog.blogspot.com with the best of the best on Twitter.
  • Pam.Teaches.3rd - 3rd with SLD cluster, use HM Reading, new to Twitter
  • heatherie73 - 3rd grade teacher in St. Louis, MO suburb; working toward certification in technology and library media; visit my blog of my journey at http://becomingatechteacher.blogspot.com/
  • TammyMassman 3rd Grade teacher from Blairsburg, IA interested in breaking down barriers and going global. I love the way technology has transformed my teaching. Follow my class: class website  or  NEH3rd on Twitter.
  • mahlness - 3rd grade teacher, bloggerclassroom blogger - Seattle, WA
  •  jwintergalen - 3rd Grade teacher from St. Louis, MO.  I am also an eMINTS for all teacher http://mrswintergalensclass.weebly.com
  • kdcotner - 3rd grade teacher from St. Charles, Missouri. I am in the Masters Educational Technology program at Missouri Baptist University. I would love to connect with other educators interested in technology incorporation! 
  • MrsAMolitor - 3rd grade teacher in Wentzville, MO.  I am also in the MET program at MoBap University. I have my certification as a Library Media Specialist too. 
  • JaneEssenburg - 3rd grade teacher near Grand Rapids, MI, interested in connecting with other educators. I also a starting a class twitter account and would love to have my learners interact with other learners. Brand new, just started, Mrs.E'sClass. And a new blog, Third Grade Thinkers.


Fourth Grade

  • @carandas_class 4th grade teacher in Houston, TX at Kolter | http://carandas.wikispaces.com/home
  • kilgosclass 4th grade teacher in AL. Click to visit classroom website.
  • bkspartan17 4th grade teacher. Central Elementary, Commerce City, CO visit our class website @ http://www.mrkaysclassroom.com. Why is this green?
  • whiteheadsclass 4th grade teacher/technology coordinator in AL.  Building my PLN interested in technology integration, collaborations, classroom resources, and educational topics. Visit my class site. 
  • teachkd -  4th grade teacher in PA wanting to connect with teachers using blogs, wikis,podcasting, hitachi board etc.
  • angelataumom 4th grade teacher in NJ
  • Ateachingheart  classroom blogging, service-learning, collaboration  http://ateachingheart.blogspot.com/  Historycomesalive 4th grade teacher in St. Louis Missouri. 
  • ellen_schmitt– Computer Resource Speicalist,  Former elementary classroom teacher.  Wanting to connect to other teachers who use technology and the Smartboard.  Educational bookmarks can be found at http://delicious.com/.links
  • ateachingheart  4th grade teacher,Service-learning, student blogging ateachingheart.blogspot.com/
  • lrozelle - Elementary teacher for 4th grade; CalState, Los Angeles University graduate student, instructional technology; blog 
  • Techyturner - 4th grade teacher, Podcaster, Blogger, Thinkfinity Trainer, SMART Board, and tech support for my staff. 
  • mrhedin- 4th grade- Calabasas, CA
  • http://www.KidsReadAndRide.com Students ride exercise bikes donated from members of the community while reading fun magazines and books! Promote literacy and physical wellness, while having fun!
  • Paula Naugle - 4th grade math, social studies, and technology - New Orleans. LA - My classroom blog
  • Mr. Lister -Collaboration teacher in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  Teaching grades 4 - 7.
  • BrittanyCagle- 4th Grade student teacher from Michigan State University. Eager to collaborate!
  • edSpartan33 - 4th grade student teacher from Michigan State University, also ready to collaborate.  Get in touch.
  • teach2gt - gr4/5 teacher to gifted students in math and science, Mac user learning to incorporate a MacLab in the classroom
  • SaraMc81 - Grades 2-4 learning support teacher in Philadelphia Suburbs
  • beccaaugustine -4th grade teacher, getting masters degree in administration, action research project over reluctant teachers and technology
  • jcampolieta - Instrumental music teacher insterested in cross-curricular integration of music, literacy, and numeracy
  • suzteacher - 4th grade teacher in Westchester County NY adding 21st Century tools to my educational life!
  • Michelle Reagan--4th grade math, science, and writing in North Carolina. My classroom website. 
  • aliringbull gr 4/5 teacher in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  Learning web 2.0 technologies with a goal to incorporate more of them into my French Immersion classroom. Mac user, blogger, tweeter, happy to share any basic tips I've learned; more eager to learn from you! alibull.edublogs.org
  • Mrs. Maxwell - 4th grade - Las Virgenes Unified School District 
  • Patti Grayson - 4th grade teacher - Hampton Roads Academy (independent PK-12), Newport News, VA. PLP blogger and connected coach.
  • Mrs. Grayson's 4th Grade - Class Twitter account about our learning! 
  •  4thgrdteacher4th grade teacher in Flushing, MI interested in doing some collaboration and sharing of technology ideas. Here's the link to my student managed website  
  • lp370714 - 4th grade teacher in Arnold, MO. Graduating with my MET degree this spring.


Fifth Grade

  • hcrompton  Educator with a passion for technology supporting in our schools for 16 years  Tweets about technology in education
  • jruggiano - 5th grade teacher Herricks UFSD Albertson, New York. Interested in having my class communicate with your class.
  • creativeclimate: Why is this blue? intermediate teacher in CO.  Professional-themed blog, delicious account, classroom wikispace (protected), beginning flip cam videographer, teaches all subject areas, interested in "flattening" a "whole new world" via wikis
  • ms108: 5th grade self-contained classroom, gifted specialist, OH, trying to create real learning inside a classroom
  • MmeTeachesFLES - 5th grade French teacher, Northbrook, IL
  • mrstg -5th grade & Reading Curriculum Specialist, Iowa
  • lnewton - Year 5 teacher, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • ktrefz-  5th grade English teacher.  Mrs. Trefz's 5th Grade BlogTeacher_Tracy Long-time 5th grade teacher with a SmartBoard, a Mac, and a desire to open up the world to my students

  • TeacherInNC  - 5th grade teacher, King Elementary School, King, NC Looking for ways to incorporate Technology into the classroom. http://my23thingsproject.blogspot.com/ 
  •  bgrundy - Ben Grundy Grade 5 Lead Teacher, Singapore. Tech enthusiast, Google Apps for Education user, Mac preference user, Windows user, big fan of web2.0 resources.
  • polkadot3 - teacher of fifth graders in Osceola, NE - starting to use wikis and blog in my classroom and any help, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated  
  • Allison Kenney - 5th grade teacher in Orlando Florida, looking for blogging/collaborative activities during school years, sharing ideas, web 2.0 applications and tools.   Blog     twitter 
  • davidfisher65-5th Grade Teacher, Boca Raton, FL, DEN Star Educator, VoiceThread User, blogger http://blog.davidsfisher.com, digital photography fanatic
  • themrsmith - 5th Grade Teacher of Reading & Writing, Georgia. Here's my site, and class wiki!
  • TeacherC - 5th grade teacher, in last few weeks of grad program. Here's my blog and Google profile.
  • trudynorton 5th Grade Literacy Teacher in Jacksonville, FL  Our Class Web Site
  • Teachin5th - 5th grade teacher, Calabasas, California. Las Virgenes Unified School District
  • Mr. Lister -Collaboration teacher in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  Teaching grades 4 - 7.
  • MissBartel - grade 5/6 teacher in chilliwack, BC - working in an inner city school setting
  • Derek Braman - 5th grade teacher in Kentwood, MI.  Teaching science and ELA.  I love using  Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.  Class Website 
  • Wendy Eiteljorg (WendyE40)- 5th grade self-contained classroom, independent school outside Philadelphia. Interested in collaborating with edmoto and/or skype (our social studies is an ancient civilization focus) 
  • prushia-  5th grade teacher in NH, all subjects
  • mrmalany - 5th grade language arts teacher in NW Ohio.  I'd love to work with you and your class!  Here's my blog and class site
  • teach2gt - gr4/5 teacher to gifted students in math and science, Mac user learning to incorporate a MacLab in the classroom
  • moorelaura5 - 5th grade teacher in rural Southeast Missouri, all subjects, would love to participate as 'pen pals' with another class
  • jcampolieta - Instrumental music teacher insterested in cross-curricular integration of music, literacy, and numeracy
  • davidcosand - David Cosand, 5th grade teacher in Southern Oregon, all subjects. High interest in using primary source documents and project-based learning. DreamExtreme Class Blog
  • ghewgley 5th grade teacher in the Learning Support Center at a school in Cairo, Egypt. website  
  • gret 5th grade (ESL) teacher at a school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Class blog: http://www.kidblog.org/ourgoodnews
  • mrsd5107 5th Grade Teacher in Fayetteville, GA. http://www.teachersclass.net/douthard/index.htm Also on Edmodo and Skype.
  • mykidsmomhj- 5th grade teacher at a Catholic School in Philly suburb.  Looking to expand my PLN in order to enhance students' learning.
  • Smileyfaceteach -5th grade Social Studies/ Lang Arts/ Reading My Blog  
  • Elaine Waters (Not a Twitter) - Elementary teacher at Year Round School, NC.  5th grade all subjects.  Enjoy Flat Stanley, scrapbooking, and photography with my students. 
  • migration services -Is this spam? I'm afraid to open the link to find out.  
  • Janet Abercrombie is an international school teacher currently residing in Hong Kong. She is the author of Expat Educator and has a class website 5a3dragonslair.edublogs.org. Janet can be followed on Twitter as @jabbacrombie.  
  • MWhiteMES- 5th grade teacher- I teach all subjects and love using new technology in my classroom. My class blog is http://mesmrswhitesclass.blogspot.com/ 
  • @ewitt43 - Erik Wittmer- I teach every subject in the great state of South Central PA. Love to collaborate with many via skype (team207) and twitter. 
  • @cathytate23- Cathy Tate- I teach all subjects in a fifth grade classroom in Pacific, Missouri and I'm always trying to find new technology to use in my classroom. My class blog is http://tatestribe.blogspot.com/
  • @feanormeadhros -4th Grade teacher.  I teach all subjects, and have loved technology for as long as I can remember.
  • @DrSuskindsClass ~ (Dorothy Suskind) 5th grade teacher excited to collaborate. I teach ALL boys in Richmond, VA.  Professional Blog Address ~ http://www.junglegymnegotiations.com Skype ~ playgroundupris


Sixth Grade

          PaulsenGreg - 6th grade teacher, tech. trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, 1-1 iPads in WI.



  • hbefort - 4/5 Multiage teacher, Arizona...Would love to collaborate with other multiage teachers!
  • MissHeggy - 3/4/5 Multiage teacher in Michigan - My partner (bhanna4) and I would love to add more multiage teachers to our PLN.  Check out our class blog - Cornerstones Class
  • abcma (Marianne Shibly) ELL teacher for a self-contained classroom for students of grades 4-6 in Seattle, Washington.  Walden University graduate MS in Education Specializing in the Integration of Technology in the Classroom.
  • Mr. Lister -Collaboration teacher in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  Teaching grades 4 - 7.
  •  http://twitter.com/soingirl- Grade 1/2/3 teacher in small school.  New Smartboard user and blogger.  Looking to expand my use of tech in the classroom and collaborate with others.  http://mrswatson123.edublogs.org/ 
  • http://twitter.com/106K1s - K/1 split class tweeting class events and parent tips along with techy resources
  • esum24 K-5 Cross Categorical Special Education teacher.  I've been teaching special education for 4 years.


Teaches All Grades

  • lise - Aussie teacher who would love to share ideas and thoughts about education with all teachers. New to twitter so it would be nice to tweet with you.
  • https://twitter.com/MMBrothers - Technology Support Teacher in Central Ohio for grades K-5. Looking to expand and share my knowledge 
  • http://twitter.com/ajrath -  Title One teacher in Boise, ID.  Moving into the Presidency of my local education association.  I need to hear what's going on out in the teaching world.
  • http://twitter.com/lryan61 - Laurie Ryan, K - 5 School Librarian, Pine Hill Elementary, Sherborn, MA
  •  @LisaBerkery Elementary Technology Teacher for grades 1st through 6th- Chicago, IL
  • @ehabernig I am a Technology Integration Specialist in Kingston, NY.  My website for teacher resources www.ehabernig.wikispaces.com 
  • @PrimaryEdTech (William Lowe) Tech Integration Advisor for an IB PYP international school in SE Asia. Teaching ICT for 5 to 11 year olds. Class blog is here and Professional blog is here.


Elementary Teachers



         katiedicesare- Primary teacher, Dublin, Ohio: BLog

  • nsharoff - 3rd grade, New York
  • KevinHodgson -- writing teacher, sixth grade; technology liaison, Western Massachusetts Writing Project, blogging at Kevin's Meandering Mind

  • jackiegerstein - 3-5 gifted education teacher (see their project @ http://weewebwonders.pbwiki.com/; faculty for online graduate courses;

  • smartcrazy-1st grade teacher who is crazy about SMART Boards, SD.

  • Tammie Miles - 2nd Grade eMINTS4ALL Teacher - Francis Howell School District in St. Charles, MO

  • rego_b - Elementary French Immersion Teacher, BC, Canada

  • cmtvarok -K-5 Elementary Technology Teacher, Medford, New Jersey  http://cmtvarok.wordpress.com

  • cereseg - 4-5 grade reading and math teacher - Eastman, GA

  • wants2bbeachbum - 2-4 Computer lab teacher; K-4 tech contact - Springville, AL Website

  • Colin Becker - R-7 ICT Coordinator and Support Teacher, Adelaide, Australia

  • cthumphreys- 4th grade language arts teacher, Memphis TN, class blog

  • robertsm64--4th grade teacher--SMARTBoard user, Portage, WI

  • teacherkab- Technology Teacher (Grades 1-5) in NJ, STAR Discovery Educator  http://technologylessons.blogspot.com/

  • nanbent - grade 4 teacher in Reading, MA.  http://grade4goesdigital.blogspot.com/  Follow me and my class as we blog, podcast, screencast, and more.

  • kaherbert Technology Teacher K - 5

  • anabuckmaster - 4/5 math and science teacher, Greensboro, NC http://upperhouse.edublogs.org

  • robertsm64--4th grade teacher, SMARTBoard in classroom, Portage, WI

  • debrennersmith@comcast.net - Independent literacy consultant, author http://writingeverydayworks.wordpress.com

  • fmanning   Technology Teacher Grades K-6 & Teacher Librarian

  • tutor1235 tutor, special ed teacher, online teacher  

  • akenyon 3rd grade teacher, blogger, Winnetka, IL. My blog "Life in Lower School" Classroom blog "The View From 3rd Grade"

  • kdveiten  -  2nd grade math and science teacher, twitter username - kdveiten

  • wvanroekel - kindergarten teacher - Hospers Iowa - twitter username - wvanroekel

  • jonelleg - JoNelle Gardner K-5 Technology Specialist/Technology integration

  • susanmfoster - 4th grade teacher   e-MINTS   Francis Howell, Missouri

  • laurakaysmith - elementary teaching working on an EdS in educational technology -www.tinkeringwithtech.blogspot.com

  • ewitt43 - 4th grade teacher in PA- Starting a worldwide book Blog - Click here for more info.

  • amanda attard- Year 1 teacher, Sydney Aus

  • onehundone - guest/substitute teacher K-5

  • crtwojtera - first grade teacher http://wojtera.edublogs.org

  • threebee - A primary school inspirer (aka teacher) trying to get science and ict taught effectively to primary kids.  Free resources: www.captaincuriosity.net

  • elemitrt - A K-5 Instructional Technology Resource Teacher.  http://tcoffey.edublogs.org

  • I. Nixon -- Lower School Technology Coordinator (K-4), New York City independent boys school; web 2.0 believer, technology risk-taker, passion for learning 

  • adrianbruce - teacher, creator of free educational resources for reading, writing, maths etc  www.adrianbruce.com

  • mrpbps Primary (elementary school) teacher from Victoria, Australia now an educational consultant blogging at My Other Blog

  • maryannm - Teacher, grade two, PA - http://www.crsd.org/molishus or http://erasertownusa.blogspot.com

  • PearsonTraining - Training resources for Pearson elementary products like Envision Math and Reading Street.

  • oregonsped- Functional academics self-contained classroom K-5 (17 students)

  • bs917 — mom, writer, teacher certified grades 1-6 in Massachusetts, interested in 21st century Learning & Teaching

  • tspraul - 3rd grade teacher, O'Fallon, MO

  • MandyS2 - 2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois, Class Blog World of Wonder

  • brachsmith - 4th Grade Teacher, Central IL www.mrsssmith.com

  • Islandbrian - Intermediate Grade Teacher - Computer Tech - Courtenay, B.C. - Carmi's Blog
  • ffoxworth - Technology Integration Specialist, K-5, SC, http://friedafoxworth.edublogs.org/
  • glegg - Geoff Legg, Technology Integration Specialist, Holland (MI) Public Schools
  • James Ashton - Trainee (for another 3 1/2 months) Primary / Secondary Teacher, UK. Twitter: jamesashton20
  • markmarshall6 -2nd Grade Teacher, Technology Facilitator Mark's Blog
  • williams406 - 3rd/4th Grade Teacher, Birch Run, MI
  • edtechtoolkit--4th/5th Grade Teacher and ed tech enthusiast in Detroit, MI. 
  • elemtech - K-5 instructional technology resource teacher in Virginia  Technology Medley blog
  • ninapeery - Technology teacher grades 3-5, Ready Bodies instructor K-2, Keystrokes blog Jungle blog Choose to Move blog
  • caitlingraham - 3rd grade/8th grade, interests in reading and special education
  • jasonschmidt123 -  3rd/4th grade teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. Very interested in technology resources for the classroom and science and math instruction
  • Meghan1st- 1st grade teacher interested in learning how to integrate technology
  • nicolelush - grade 1 and 2 teacher, Melbourne, Australia.
  • teacherportal - Nora. Grade 1/2 split Seattle, Washington - Become a Teacher blog
  • pdskiki - 4th Language Arts - Memphis, TN
  • k1looper - Kindergarten/1st grade looping teacher, Sandusky, OH - Class Blog
  • kathymaske  K-6 computers/ 5-8 Art  Illinois  Always looking to collaborate with other teachers!
  • Progressive_Lit -4th grade teacher in Austin, TX who is passionate about comprehensive literacy 
  • haleon- Chicago K-8 Technology teacher.  Love to get ideas on twitter!  Class blog

  • ChrisLAtkinson -4-5  teacher, tech coordinator, ed tech advocate, blogger, ed tech enthusiast! - other blogs: Staff Blog and Classroom Blog
  • plnaugle - 4th grade math and English teacher in New Orleans who loves integrating technology - Classroom blog
  • RealAm - UK primary school teacher currently in Year R particularly interested in PSHE and ICT. Also a mother of 2 (boy aged 4 and girl aged 9).
  • enichols82 - 4th Grade Teacher in St. Charles, MO.  Love to integrate technology, though always looking for inspiration, collaboration and ideas!  Started a class blog and class website this year!
  • Steven Kaufmann (@yourownteacher) - Former Elementary & Montessori now doing MS Social Studies - Dallas, Texas
  • HappyHappyApple - 1st Grade teacher, Southfield, MI.  Always looking for efficient ways to integrate technology with elementary students.  Here's my blog and class site.
  • msreagan - 4th grade Math and Science teacher in Wilson, NC. Love to integrate technology. Beginning my Masters in Instructional Technology.  Classroom blog/site:  msreagansclass.weebly.com
  • Rick Glass, 4th grade teacher in a 1:1 classroom, Global partnering for project/problem-based learning, Northern Indiana, Weblog-Teaching Digital Natives
  • MissMarista - 3rd grade teacher in suburban Atlanta; moving to Abu Dhabi, UAE to teach 4th at an international school in August 2009.
  • lyttlelf - 6th grade teacher in Santa Barbara, Ca; 5/6 computer teacher; Moodle and SmartBoard user; ed tech enthusiast; love learning new ways to integrate tech in the classroom.
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  • techyturner - 4/5/6 grade teacher in Phoenix, AZ. Husband of one, father of one, educator, Technology geek, user of Mac, WIN, and Linux. Always for looking for professional development and effective strategies to integrate technology into my classroom and life.
  • LA32-Reading Recovery Teacher in New Hampshire.  I also assist other teachers w/tech. help.
  • Gale Kelly - 2nd grade teacher in NC.  Grad student in Multiliteracies class.
  • MissHett- Elementary Teacher w/ Master's in Educational Technology
  • sisty46 - First grade teacher interested in technology and collaboration.
  • LindaCollins-Kindergarten/first grade teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • http://twitter.com/emiliomahtani  -  Primary school Andalucía, Spain
  • rdeich - 3/4 teacher interested in 2.0 collaboration and teacher leadership
  • kkerianteacher - 3rd grade teacher in Iowa interested in sharing ideas, thoughts, and integrating more technology.  Starting class blog this year.  Looking for collaborative activities with other students across the nation or world.
  • 2Dogdad - Tech Coordinator and Elementary Teacher - Blog is super.edublogs.org
  • Matt Allen (@mjedallen) -- first grade teacher in NE GA-utilizes web2.0 in the classroom
  • Erin Borino- K-5 Educational Technologist/Computer Lab Teacher, Rockaway, NJ
  • fordhei - Communication Arts Facilitator PreK-5th, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Dubois2Teach- Kindergarten/ First Grade Looping Teacher, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Tamara Jaimes- 4th grade teacher in Colorado learning about Twitter.  Started another page @msjaimes specifically to use with students & families.  Interested in blogging with students & using wikis.
  • Suser1-Second Grade teacher in Wisconsin who loves to integrate technology into every aspect of learning!  Class Web site    Class Blog    Mrsgsclass:  Class updates on twitter
  • jdmyrmel 3rd grade teacher in Michigan, would love to collaborate with other classes. We use a class blog and wiki and are thinking of a NING. 
  • bobgreenberg Second grade teacher, Bridgeport, CT class blog http://thebrainwaves.us
  • Stacy Vernon Kindergarten Teacher in Texas follow me @StacyVernon on twitter.
  • maxxakahotdog (on twitter) - Grade 2 teacher, Grande Prairie, AB Canada - wanting to blog, create web page and learn more about how to incorporate technology in classroom. grapeape@telus.net
  • lowriegirl - Diane Moline - upper elementary gifted magnet program, peer tech coach, Edmonds, WA   class web page
  • Mathsframe - Year 3/4 teacher trying to make high quality maths resources for interactive whiteboards - http://www.mathsframe.co.uk/free_resources.asp
  • http://twitter.com/sonoteverde - New teacher, 4th grade
  • dgoulis - first grade teacher, Berea, Ohio 
  • sdsouthwell 2nd grade teacher, Austin, Tx.
  • mkania27  1st grade teacher, Sandusky, OH, would love to hear what others are doing to integrate technology into their schools, especially with Macs, would like to collaborate with other classes.
  • teach1st First year in second grade (5th grade teacher for years). I use moodle and vbulletin incorporated into my class web site. I'm good with the tech, but I need tips for second grade. Our blogging was private, but we have written a daily class log for 12 years.
  • angiemc99 3rd grade teaching in Wamego, KS and adjunct professor for Baker University's online continuing ed classes for teachers
  • lgulley616 3rd grade teacher of Reading, writing, math, and science.
  • CassyLL  Fourth grade classroom teacher in NJ.
  • waltonjm upper elementary teacher in Virginia. I love integrating technology and would love to connect and collaborate with other educators and their classes!
  • doriedance 2nd grade teacher math/science bilingual (Spanish) and classroom mrsglynnsclass
  • John__ Elementary Principal - Naples Elementary, Uintah School District, Utah
  • alyssiahunter British school teacher in Korea. Interested in technology integration.
  • marinmacteacher- Tech Facilitator at Bel Aire School, 3rd-5th grades, in Tiburon, CA. Founder of Tweachers.org - a website dedicated to linking Elementary "twittering" teachers -

    Tweachable Moments BLOG

  • globalrams - My second graders in St. Louis, Missouri, USA tweet daily about the events of the day, student created videos of news reports, writing and more.
  • benjaminlatz  I am a 1st and 2nd grade teacher (multi-age classroom) in St. Paul, MN
  • http://twitter.com/cybraryman1- Help for teachers in all subject areas and grade levels http://www.cybraryman.com/0_teachers1.htm

  • Mr_Sheng Fourth (4th) grade Social Studies and Science teacher in Merion Station, PA

  • Brooker1015 - K-5 Technology Integrator, Keystone, interested in web 2.0 in the elementary and special ed classrooms
  • MelAWade - Student teacher, Ontario, Canada
  • missmom09-  Student Teacher, Ontario, Canada
  • http://twitter.com/trmaxwell- student teacher, Ontario, Canada
  • http://twitter.com/BanksTech - Technology Facilitator, Banks Elementary School (http://webevent.lenoir.k12.nc.us/banks/), Kinston, NC, Gadget girl (http://gadgetcamp.wikispaces.com/), geocaching in education
  •  http:twitter.com/mbender18 Melisa Bender K-5 Tech Teacher St. Louis, MO  
  • mrhedin- 4th grade teacher, Calabasas, CA
  • sandynay - Audrey Nay. Teacher Librarian and Technology Leader, Sandy Beach Public School, K-6, NSW, Australia
  • http://twitter.com/MHMelton   -20 year veteran; elementary physical education specialist; King, North Carolina
  • http://twitter.com/PoppyMerry - K-6 teacher, tutor, Florida
  • http://twitter.com/TuscanyMom - student teacher, Calgary, AB 
  • http://twitter.com/106K1s - K/1 split class tweeting class events and parent tips along with techy resources
  • @sereneyee - Primary and secondary subject specialist whose interests are in 21st century learning and skills development. Currently teaching ICT and literacy, and facilitates technology at an international school in Hong Kong. 
  • Crikeypotter  - I am a elementary K-6 special education SDC teacher in Victorville, CA using technology for all areas of my teaching. I have a website for special education/edtech and I enjoy incorporating Google maps/Earth and Google+ virtual field trips in my instruction. I love all things edtech.

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Beth Diaz said

at 5:44 pm on Feb 16, 2009

bdiaz- Second grade teacher, Memphis Tennessee

Damon Boyer said

at 5:13 pm on Jul 20, 2009

mrboyer - 5th Grade Teacher and tech enthusiast, Salina, KS

April Brown said

at 11:51 pm on Jul 28, 2009

April Brown Grade Two teacher Grande Prairie, AB Canada maxxakahotdog

Jennifer said

at 10:54 am on Dec 21, 2011

https://twitter.com/#!/phjenx/elem-teachers will have everyone on it eventually. :)

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Ok, what do I need to do to get authorization to be on that page?

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I invite teachers who use my books in the their classrooms to come to my award-winning site with their classes:


and for great eBooks from my new website:


write to me: simon@seymoursimon.com

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bschelle@... said

at 12:13 am on Jan 28, 2013

@BarbaraSchelle - I am a Learning Consultant/Case Manager who works with Students with Disabilities in Northern New Jersey. I love social media/technology, and I am very interested in diet and exercise as well as its effects on student learning and behavior. I enjoy sharing and exchanging information related to special education, teaching and learning, positive parenting, and physical/emotional health and wellness.

Beth Ann said

at 6:35 pm on Apr 28, 2014

@CCGaloreandMore - I am currently a first grade teacher from Massachusetts.

htto://www.commoncoregaloreandmore.com This is my website. It includes my funny rants and ramblings about teaching. :)

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