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English and Communication Arts Teachers

Page history last edited by LButler 8 years, 7 months ago

Donna Gookins - Poland, NY, English teacher, high school Alphabetical by Twitter User Name:


  • Abendelow -- 9-12 English in Elmhurst, Illinois, USA. Our classwiki is at Wiki-land and my personal edu-blog is The Wikiness.

  • Adam Haalboom - 9-12 English, Philosophy, Film, Media, Guidance at Southwood Secondary School, Cambridge, Ontario (Twitter User Name not provided)

  •  @Aaron_n_Wndlnd - Mr. Aaron Sherman: 9-12 Language Arts Educator from Columbus, OH

  • APHaalboom - Secondary School English Literature/Film/Media/Philosophy/Guidance, Cambridge, Ontario (Twitter User Name not provided)

  • AJCSpires - 9th grade English Teacher, St. Louis, MO, Independent School

  • akendrick

  • AuntyTech  Professor Emerita, University of Central Florida, Educational Media Program, and lifelong learner.  My wiki, WebTools4U2Use, is my first "retired but not dead yet" project and designed to help school library media specialists learn about Web 2.0 tools and share ideas for using them in the media center.

  •  AntHeald - English Language, Literature, Media & Film Teacher at 11-18 High School, UK blog 

  • anbranch- senior student in Secondary English at Kansas State University
  • AndersonGL English and American Studies teacher at William Fremd High School, Palatine, Illinois; co-author of Expository Composition:  Discovering Your Voice (EMC)
  • AngelaStockman English Teacher, Director of WNY Young Writers' Studio, Director of WNY Education Associates
  • Allankyoto Secondary English Teacher originally from Antigonish, Canada but currently running a school in Kyoto, Japan. Interested in communication in all its forms. 
  •   (awicklund on Twitter) - 6th Grade Reading - Study Middle School, Springfield, MO: eMINTS classroom website -  Online Education degree
  • aleaness -9-12 English teacher in Philadelphia
  • Amy Johnson - Sidney, Iowa; 9-12 English teacher, 1:1 Laptop Initiative Participant School, Health Teacher;  follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jujunjojosmom
  • amyweisnbrgr-- 9-12 English teacher, English Department Chairperson, in Fort Meade, Maryland.
  • alexgingell - Trainee Teacher, University of Plymouth, UK. Studying a BEd in Primary Education with English.
  • athomp526 - Student Teacher, Williamston, MI. Teaching 7th grade Language Arts and Geography
  • ASP.Net Development
  • AtlTeacher - high school English teacher in Atlanta Appeals Lawyer Albanynew nokia phones



  •  Beesleyteacher - teaching online high school English in Idaho. Check it out: idahodigitallearning.org. Always looking for new ways to motivate kids.
  • braddo - Asst. head, MYP coordinator, English & philosophy teacher Island Pacific School 
  • bookjewel Secondary English teacher
  •   bosoxfan9819 I teach 6th grade (all subjects) at a 6 - 12 charter school in Pennsylvania for at-risk students.  I am also an IEP case manager, educational technology mentor and classroom management mentor. 
    Barb Perlewitz - Asst. Prof. Education, Concordia University WI and NE, Graduate Secondary Education Teacher Certification Program (Twitter User Name not provided)
  • bksmith - Alternative Education, Online Course Creator for Secondary English (using Moodle); Master's in school counseling.
  • Barbara Kingsley - English teacher at Gettysburg Area High School and CRAZY about mashing technology into the curriculum. human services degree 
  • www.twitter.com/brina524 - 9-12 English teacher in Rome, GA
  • Buzziebeeteacher - AKA Barbara Kingsley 
  • Michele Berner - English and ICT teacher at secondary school in Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Australia  Blog,   Class blog - Year 7 English
  • Big Picture Instructional Design: We are a very small company that gets contracted by studios and production companies to write curriculum about new, educational, entertaining films. Follow us on twitter to get first access to materials, and keep up with new media literacy news: @bigpictureID 
  • brbtweets - Britt Bugby - HS English teacher @ Lowndes County Schools Alternative Program 





  • dabambic- High School English & Social Sciences (part-time IT facilitator)
  • dgphillips - High  School English teacher, IT facilitator, St. Charles, MO
  • dgphillips Secondary English teacher
  • @djkirk19 - Gr 8-10 English (Socials) teacher in Comox, B.C. Canada
  • danikabarker- High School English teacher with the Thames Valley Distict School board in London, Ontario, Canada. My blog
  • @davidbdale - Adjunct Professor (ESL) Camden County College, Adjunct Professor Philadelphia Community College (ESL/ENG), Adjunct Professor Rowan University (ENG). Current instructional wikis: ESL Writing 5, ESL Writing 3. Fiction website Very Short Novels.
  • DBMcGrath - Literacy teacher, teaching the Language! program to 8th grade, Leadership
  • dct6e - Middle School (6-8 grade) Academic Facilitator in North Carolina (NC)
  • DianeW222 - Middle School language arts teacher (6th grade AC)
  • digital_apple-High School English teacher (12th grade); NC; Lead Mentor 
  • dissertation help and assignment help service
  • dileeker - former 8th grade communication arts teacher -- currently HS Library Media Specialist, St. Louis, MO area
  • divadonna5- High School Debate and Communication Applications Teacher, Dallas/Ft.Worth area, Texas.
  • Dissertation helpand Custom Dissertation Writing.
  • dlaughey- Secondary English and Journalism teacher  twitter = dlaughey
  • damian613 - former secondary English teacher
  • DynamicDavis - 8th grade ELA teacher at Cape Fear Middle Scool in NC
  • Dick Pieper - secondary school teacher, International School Eerde, The Netherlands, laptopschool.
  • dohadmac - English and Film teacher at Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar
  • DanNQTLondon - English and Film teacher in London 



  • failbettercw- Cathy Williams, Teacher of English Literature and Language in North East England. 
  • fallapart - Ian Hecht, Communications Production Technology teacher, Prince Albert, SK, Canada (blog).
  • @feministteacher Educator and activist. Feminist pedagogy in secondary education; diversity, equity, and social justice; race, class, gender, and sexuality; LGBT youth.


  • GradingGirl - 9 - 12 English, speech, and reading teacher, literacy coach, RTI leader, Chicago, IL Website
  • gypsywriter65 - Melissa Johnston - Texas Gifted ed teacher/English Language Arts/technology - catch me at wiredteach;  go to my classroom wiki
  • @gr8english  middle school ELA teacher and literacy leader in rural SC. Especially interested in activities using technology to promote literacy and problem based learning activities appropriate for English classes.


  • h_sunshine 9-12 English Teacher; Interests include: contemporary and postmodern literature, YA Lit (especially dystopias), speech, debate, film, acting, tech, web 2.0, PBL, UbD, choice, constructivism, communication, and my dogs.
  • helenabaert - Doctoral student and instructor at University of Arkansas. Speciality: PE Pedagogy. Teach Physical Education Activity courses. Research: Web 2.0 and PE.
  • harryd55 Retired Secondary English teacher and (theoretically) retired English teacher trainer
  • Teacherho - a AP  English and Journalism teacher at San Bernardino High School - looking at integrating technology in the classroom since 1999
  • mrhundermark - first year teacher who will attempt to encorporate twitter into his secondary classroom.
  • Halloweenhead - 9-12 English teacher in Ohio; I teach a bunch of gifted "Honors" kids.
  • hellenharvey - 9-2 English teacher, techie, media specialist, film crazy, Tornotonian now living in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Hair Extensions



  • Jennlaxton-11th grade English teacher
  • jennmelb- Literature teacher to International Students, Higher Ed Researcher, Melbourne, Australia. Constructivist Pedagogy Blog
  • Jepson - 7th grade English Language Arts teacher in the Central Valley California Class Page, podcast page

  • JohnMikulski - 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Edward Town Middle School, near Niagara Falls, NY. Blog.

  • joshclimbs single subject teaching credential student at SDSU, SI tutor at San Diego City College

  • joysimpson - Literacy Consultant in Devon (UK) supporting schools in literacy teaching
  • JordanBlood - 7th/8th grade Communication Arts eMINTS teacher and Student Council Advisor in Joplin, MO.
  • judylucy - Judy Pederson - 9th grade Language Arts teacher, Santa Ana, CA, USA - Class Twitter, Global Learning Blog
  • Jbailey8 -  English Teacher (Senior Writing and Literature) Rumford, Maine.  Sci-fi and Young Adult Lit focused.  My educational podcast can be found here and it has it's own twitter feed wickeddecent
  • Jbailey8- Video Production and Broadcasting Teacher.  My educational podcast is available here. The twitter that goes with the podcast is wickeddecent. Animation degree

  • JohnFerg -- Junior High English and Social teacher, also teacing Jr/Sr Shop classes.  Class Pages -- Blog Page
  • jomcleay Secondary English teacher Melbourne, Australia. Blog: The Open Classroom

  • joaoa - Secondary school; Portugal
  • jem2323--High school English teacher, Colorado
  • julied025-- 7th grade Language Arts Teacher, Kansas
  • jeanbax -- 6th grade Language Arts Teacher, NJ
  • julieruble -- 6th and 7th grade Language Arts teacher, NC. Blog about baking/teaching at Willow Bird Baking. I develop curriculum at a Project Based Learning school that is highly integrated and use Google Docs heavily for writing conferences.
  • jmiscavish - High School 9th and 10th grade teacher. Class Ning
  • jenroberts1 Teaching American Lit in San Diego with 1:1 laptops for students. I tweet for students, colleagues and friends. About teaching, technology, and life in general. Class Blog, Writing Groups Site.
  • jbhepps - middle school teacher
  • johawke - High school English teacher, southcentral Virginia. My website.
  • jbtheater11 - Middle School English teacher and theater director, Pennsylvania 


  • karenbk-High School Video Technology, Digital Graphics and Animation, Web Mastering. diploma science

  • KateMessner - Kate Messner, Middle School ELA teacher & children's author, http://www.katemessner.com

    • TweetK12 - Kate Messner's (see above) account for discussions on using Twitter in the K-12 classroom.

  • kdwashburn - Research & develop neurocognitive-based instructional programs & professional development. Education Diploma

  • KevinHodgson -- writing teacher, sixth grade; technology liaison, Western Massachusetts Writing Project, blogging at Kevin's Meandering Mind

  • ktrefz-5th grade English teacher in Memphis, TN

  • kchichester - High school resource teacher - I teach direct instruction English/Language Arts to student with all disabilities in Monroe, MI. I amusins technology to make the Michigan Merit Curriculum accessible and achieveable for special education students. I blog about special education in Michigan high schools at My Squirrelly View of Education. - Class Blogs - Class Wiki

  • karlaolson - Karla Olson--English teacher at a very small K-12 school in southwestern Minnesota.  This year, teaching AP Lang and grades 8, 10, and regular senior English.  School pages.
  • keithschoch Sixth grade Reading and Language Arts teacher, especially interested in using picture books with upper elementary and middle grades, and teaching with novels; brand new to Twitter as of December 2009; Blog: http://teachwithpicturebooks.blogspot.com Blog: http://howtoteachanovel.wordpress.com
  • kimbowa - Kim Flintoff: K-12 drama teacher, teacher educator, contemporary performance (Western Australia) - developing drama approaches to learning in virtual worlds.
  • kstewart01 - Katrina Stewart. 9th grade English in Kodiak, Alaska.
  • kmadolf - online high school English Language Arts teacher in Airdrie, AB, Canada


  • Labu - Middle school English Teacher, Brooklyn New York, 7th Grade Urban Students
  • Laineymic - C. LaMagna - English Teacher, K-12 Technology/Media Integrator, DEN Star Educator, Moodle-r, Edmodo-er, Prezi-er, Glogster-er, Church Go-er, Reader, Baker, Candlestick Maker. Not a fan of celery. School Blog Den Blog
  • LauraNicosia - Laura Nicosia, Asst. Prof. English/Dir. Eng Ed at Montclair State U in NJ, twitter = LauraNicosia
  • ladyrynn13 -- Teaches AP Lit, regular senior English, and sometimes Honors junior English at a school in Central Mississippi and is also department chair.  Teacher pages archiving handouts, etc.
  • laurajacob- Educational Technology Coach and English Teacher at McGuffey High School, Claysville, PA
  • lbmoore - preservice secondary English teacher
  • lccwritingprof - Asst. Prof English at Leeward Community College, Pearl City Hawaii. 
  • LCHSHumanities - Teacher ELA and Humanities; Alberta, Canada
  • Literarycompan - Supporting 7-12th grade Lit Teachers teaching the Classics - created by two ELA Teachers, Maine
  • lizparks4 - 6th grade English teacher, Memphis, TN
  • lebendig - NBCT AYA/ELA, 10th-12th grades, Virginia
  • lisiemarie - Communications teacher in Wisconsin. This year (09-10) teaching AP Language and Composition, Media Studies and Composition and regular sophomore Communications. 
  • loremipsem - Louise Robinson-Lay English teacher interested in technology for learning. Blog is here at globalteacher.
  • Love_DA   - Dorian Love. English & ICT Teacher at Roedean School (SA) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Interested in using technology in education and at international collaborative projects.
  • Luv2Ride - NBCT AYA/ELA, 10-12 interdisciplinary, technology, Ankeny High School, Ankeny, IA
  • lhallbe - Lisa Hallberg, 9-12 English teacher, Instructional Coach, Teacher Leader in the twin cities, MN.  My Blog.
  • linla@msn.com - Linda LaRocca-Transition to Teaching program @ CUNY
  • LitTeacher515 - 7th Grade English Teacher, Chicago, IL


  • Mach, David New Jersey Teacher: 7th and 8th grade language arts and history teacher in urban district. My Blog
  •  Ms.Solomon Toronto, Canada. Secondary school English teacher, Media Specialist, co-founder of #K12Media. My Blog.
  • Melissa Johnstongypsywriter65 - TX English Language Arts 6th /gifted ed/technology - find me at wiredteach; go to my classroom wiki

  • mrmayo

  • mayfieldc Kansas Teacher:  11th grade Language Arts, 12th grade Language Arts, 12th grade Concurrent Credit, Tech Leader, 1:1, http://edutechiegal.wordpress.com KU Alum

  • michellebeck 9-12 English, dual credit comp,  NBCT ELA/AYA, tech integration (Moodle, SmartBoard, etc.) in Illinois, doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction

  • @misskpatterson 7th and 8th ELA; Writing Coach; 1:1 Computing; G/T Certified; Columbia, SC
  • mswojo yearbook adviser, Certified Journalism Educator

  • MomsL8:  Gifted Middle School (6-8) Communication Arts and Journalism - St. Louis, MO suburbs

  • milasunshine -Dr. Ludmilla Smirnova, Ph.D - Associate Professor of Education, Mount Saint Mary College. I  teach Curriculum Planning, Methods and Teaching with Technology courses on both undergraduae and graduate levels. Twtter/ Plurk ID milasunshine.

  • MrDBerger: 12th grade -- AP English Literature and Composition, IB English 4, English 4 Honors, Land O' Lakes, FL (Website)

  • msafed- 7th and 8th grade ELA teacher, Maine 1:1 computing with macs

  • ms_teacher - 6th Grade GATE Language Arts/History, N. California

  • msmogan - 7th grade GT Language Arts   Colleyville TX - Dallas/Fort Worth area

  • mccandjt - High School (11-16) English Teacher  - UK  english website
  • mhtalbut - Doctoral student (University of Missouri-Columbia) and instructor at Southeast Missouri State University.  Speciality: Social Studies Education, Education Foundations and Technology to Enhance Education.  I teach pre-service teachers the best way to incorporate technology into their middle and secondary education classrooms.
  • http://twitter.com/MissHammerstein  - Student Teacher at New Milford High School, New Milford, NJ - Pursuing my Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a focus on High School English Language and Literature.  See also http://eventualeducator.blogspot.com/
  • MLPomerantz--English teacher, Parkway North High School, St. Louis, MO USA; creative writing, 10th grade, technology integration; home page
  • mnjorgensen - Fascinated by Digital Narrative, Web 2.0 observer, young adult literacy advocate, PD consultant, usability and web development, educator.
  • mamabusypants - Jeannie Anderson, English teacher, mostly online: College of Dupage and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Also teach occasionally at Robert Morris College. http://jeannieanderson.blogspot.com. Use Blackboard, wikis, blogging, and podcasting in the online classroom.
  • Mrs. MAK - I am the English department in a small (less than 50 students) rural high school in South Dakota.
  • mrteacherperson - I teach middle school humanities @ a charter school.  See also http://www.misterteacherperson.blogspot.com.
  • michele_berner. I teach high school english in Melbourne, Australia. Class web site for Yr 7 English http://7eenglish.globalstudent.org.au
  • msheatherpeter.  English, Broomfield, High School, Broomfield, CO; American Lit./Comp., Adv. World Lit./Comp., Senior Composision. Co-Department Chair.
  • MsMorganEBHS--English I Lead Teacher, EBHS Freshmen Academy, Connelly Springs, NC 
  • mindi_r - 7th Grade LA teacher, Northbrook, IL
  • miketsimpson -- American Lit, Creative Writing, and Introduction to the Beats at the Lancaster Country Day School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • MsBisOnline - English I teacher, West Jefferson High School, Harvey, Louisiana; Tweets for class, Class wiki and Class Blog.
  • mogermain: English teacher, St. Croix Falls, WI
  • mizgibson -- English teacher, theater teacher, tecnhology, lover of gadgets! 
  • marymmoore -- 7th grade Language Arts teacher and 21st century learner; Cincinnati http://www.classroom20.com/profile/marymoore 
  • MissyNH  - 7th Grade Language Arts teacher...working to integrate technology and media literacy into all curriculum activities.  I use Voicethread, Glogster, Wikis, Skype, Twitter...and whatever more sparks interests, engagement and learning!
  • @MrsOrman 9-12 English/RTI/journalism teacher in Erie, Illinois; NCTE, NEA/IEA member; author of Hunger Games Lessons
  • MrZiebarth — English and journalism at Fountain Valley High School in Southern California.




  • OC_OD -  Chair of the Language Arts Department for Oil City School District.  In addition, teaches journalism and media studies.  Interested in literacy development, technology in the Language Arts Classroom, and Web 2.0/Social Media in schools. 


  • Paul Darvasi - I'm an English and media studies teacher who experiments with a wide range of tech. I have a Master in Educational Technology (MET) from UBC, and am currently a Ph.D candidate in education at York University. I experiment with all types of tech, particularly games and video games. You can follow my blog at Ludic Learning.  
  • piratedjlangley - HS English, yearbook, speech, and photography at Pleasant Plains High School, IL, USA.  Mr. Langley's Digital Classroom and Mr. Langley's Classroom Blog Professional Resume Writers
  • profsontag - 7th grade language arts teacher, San Jose, CA, previously taught 6th grade LA and social studies.  Master Instructional Technology, PhD Instructional Design for Online Learning (Capella University). Developed new learning theory and instructional design model for teaching 21st-century students.  Webpage www.timetrek.org, blog at http://timetrek-
  • ProfessorKScrog - Communication Arts Instructor at University of Alabama - Huntsville. Specializes in Training and Development. Teaches courses in Business and Professional Communication, Human Com, Public Speaking, T&D. Interested in better use of social media in the higher ed classroom. Blog  Student Resource Blog
  • sontag.blogspot.com/.  Looking for feedback on the new learning theory.  See article and webcast at Innovate Journal, April/May issue.




  • Room Three Seventeen Middle School English Languages Arts, Brooklyn New York
  • rbrillante - Robin Hawley-Brillante -- k-8 language arts/English lit, Gifted and Talented (currently GT resource teacher) Baltimore, MD USA
  •  rcurrin teaches AP English, English 11, and English 9 Academic Intervention Services in Alden, NY.
  • readinator teaches 9-12, AP lit, English dept.chair at independent school in Gainesville, GA
  • rissL- primary Literacy teacher 
  • frnlrwme - 6th grade English; 8th Reading Lab (Second Chance Reading); 7-8th Explore (Library Research) & 6-8th Title Services
  • lindareed-9th/10th grade English and Reading teacher
  • rodesiler - former high school English teacher & current doctoral fellow studying English education
  • RWallis2009 - English teacher at Wairarapa College, Masterton New Zealand.
  • R4RLA - The Reading/Language Arts dept. at Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, TX.  Nonprofit educational organization. http://www.theansweris4.net
  • rubyjeansmith - Kristy Smith: Adult literacy teacher at TAFE in Brisbane, Australia. 












  • zgporter (Zane Porter) Middle School Language Arts (Henderson, North Carolina)


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Louise D'Agosto said

at 2:13 pm on Jun 13, 2009

LPDAgosto (twitter name) teaching writing in community college; former high school English teacher and Rdg/LA consultant; completing dissertation on public school board members.

Karen Weiner-Hart said

at 7:02 pm on Jul 21, 2009

LIMEGREENS new to high school English place. Glad to be here.

Katy Kauffman said

at 2:19 am on Jul 31, 2009

Luv2Ride (Twitter name), teaching high school English in team-taught interdisciplinary classes with social studies teachers

MJ Ewald said

at 8:08 am on Aug 12, 2009

mje32 (Twitter name) - I teach high school English.

Erika Astle said

at 1:32 pm on Aug 21, 2009

Erika Astle at readingfool@comcast.net...how do I make a Twitter name?

Jenny Ferris said

at 3:21 pm on Aug 26, 2009

Jenny Ferris - teaching high school English and Studio Art in British Columbia - wanting to globally connect with other teachers via Twitter and Skype. Is there a bank of teachers willing to be contacted via Skype?

Jenny Ferris said

at 4:39 pm on Aug 26, 2009

I've now found Skype In The Classroom - http://skypeintheclassroom.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/lets-build-a-community/. Maybe I'll find others who want to connect in my English classes.

Katie Galati said

at 11:16 am on Sep 15, 2009

Katie Galati, student aspiring to teach AP High School English.

School Programs said

at 4:15 pm on Dec 14, 2009

Give your students an artistic experience in 2010: http://www.baylinartists.com/in-school-performances/

Tamika Shuler said

at 8:27 pm on Feb 26, 2010

learning technology to use like crazy in class! follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/stdiva
need help getting my students into the TOTAL world of blogging!

Tamika Shuler said

at 8:29 pm on Feb 26, 2010

Middle Level English Language Arts Teacher, M.Ed, Columbia, SC tlshuler.pbworks.com

custom thesis help said

at 11:41 pm on Aug 1, 2010

this kind of blog always useful for blog readers, it helps people during research. your post is one of the same for blog readers.


Katherine Maloney said

at 10:11 pm on Aug 3, 2010

@1katty - Katherine Maloney: Overseas High School English, Journalism and Theory of Knowledge Teacher. My blog is called "KatScan" at http://www.katherinemaloney.blogspot.com/

Cara Restaino said

at 12:29 pm on Aug 18, 2010

Former 9-12 teacher; now teaching 6th grade Lang. Arts in NJ

RHSTheatre said

at 12:27 am on Aug 20, 2010

RHSTheatre Theatre Arts / Language Arts, Richfield High School, UT, : MFA University of Utah. My blog is http://laineesblogspot.blogspot.com

Leola Roberts said

at 6:28 am on Nov 7, 2010

@leolabeth Secondary school English, journalism, dance and social studies teacher busted back to ed tech by the Maine economy. I am looking for work overseas. A former reporter I have a blog, the Alna Harridan, too. http://thesnoozette.blogspot.com/

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