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Interactive Whiteboard People

Page history last edited by Jen Calipari 11 years, 7 months ago

Please add your Twitter name to this page if you are affiliated with any of the interactive whiteboard companies below or if you share a lot of Twomshan: I am new to using smartboards and looking for ideas! I am the Literacy Specialist at my school and would love ideas.


  • http://www.twitter.com/teach24_7 second grade teacher in California... beginning to add many lessons and links for interactive whiteboards!
  •  bosoxfan9819 I teach 6th grade (all subjects) at a 6 - 12 charter school in Pennsylvania for at-risk students.  I am also an IEP case manager, educational technology mentor and classroom management mentor.  



  • mimioTechnology, Sue Ritchie, Web Business Manager for mimio. Former teacher (are we ever "former " teachers? I still feel like a teacher!) and creator of TeacherVision.com
  • @Tonyedtechtip - I am a secondary math teacher that loves using technology.  I have a website where I host a daily tech tip for teachers at http://tonystechtip.com. I am a user of Mimio and a registered Mimio Master. 


SMART Boards:


  • @JaneEMarko - SMART Certified Trainer - Marko & Associates specializes in education consulting, including school in-service at all levels, corporate management training and education consulting in other fields. Website: http://markoandassociates.com/ or follow me on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/JaneFacebook
  • @MooreDe - Grade 2 Teacher, Technology Specialist, SmartBoard User 3 years; I twitter on resources I find useful for the SmartBoard, for the primary grades. 
    • Interested in:  Web 2.0, IWB, Technology Resources, Collaboration, Digital Authoring
  • ellen_schmitt– Computer Resource Specialist (Parkway School District),  SMART Notebook Certified Trainer  http://delicious.com/.links St. Louis, MO 
  • Kelly Smith : 6th grade in San Diego, California. Interested in Skyping with other classrooms. Currently using iPod/iPad in the classroom. Currently using Google Documents, Sketchup, Google Sites. Currently using Smart Boards. I'm a Smart Exemplary Educator. I am also a technology trainer at Teacher Tech. My blog . Follow me on twitter.
  • Stephanie Madlinger @cyberteacher - Ed Tech Program Coordinator & Trainer (previous classroom teacher)  I have worked with SMART Boards since 2001.
  • @Gardenation - Leon Lenchner (Teacher Librarian, Reading Recovery Teacher, eLearning Instructor)
  • theTREASUREtree and TinyAcorns animated and interactive teaching resources suitable for use with SMART boards or any other IWB or pc http://www.thetreasuretree.co.uk/
  • mathteacher04 I teach 5th - 8th grade math and know a little about Smartboard and would love to do more!!
  • http://twitter.com/creativeclimate: intermediate teacher in CO.  Professional-themed blog, delicious account, classroom wikispace (protected), beginning flip cam videographer, teaches all subject areas, interested in "flattening" a "whole new world" via wikis
  • http://twitter.com/MySMARTSpaces
  • Ben Hazzard - Smart Board podcastEdit
  • Joan Badger - Smart Board podcast
  • James Hollis
  • sethdickens (Seth Dickens) Teacher-Trainer specialising in ICT and classroom technology. Based in Trento, Italy. Blog Address: www.digitalang.com/blog
  • ghartman - Ed Tech Specialist who trains teachers on how to use Smart Boards.
  • starden - Linda Rush (SMART Master Trainer) Website: www.rush2knowledge.com
  • SMART_Tech - Follow Smart Technologies on Twitter Cleaning Supplies
  • debbiefuco - ICT Specialist, Educational Technology, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Media Literacy, Doctoral Student, Digital Video, Middle School, Social Studies
  • Shannon Smith - Teacher - Professional Development Provider - Technology Educational Consultant - www.recesstec.com
  • Ton Koenraad - ICT-E Consultant, Professional Development Provider, IWB researcher, Special interest: IWB-Pedagogy for Modern Languages
  • mnebel-K-12 Instructional Technology Coach, Missouri...buy darvocet from drug store without prescription also check online pharmacy  Trains teachers to use SMART boards Website Design Company
  • Cancer Palliative Care
  • SEO Firm
  • lorir - Lori Reed, SMART Exemplary Educator, Texas teacher and trainer
  • farroutlinks - Jen Farr, Educational Technology Consultant/NY State Administrator.  Blog about Web 2.0 and free resources that can be used to help effectively integrate technology in the classroom:  http://farroutlinks.net/blog.  Using Twitter to expand my PLN.  Email:  farroutlinks@gmail.com.
  • TBrown - Instructional Technology Coordinator, train teachers to use the SMART Board
  • 2Dogdad - Tech Coordinator and Elementary Teacher - Blog is super.edublogs.org
  • web20classroom- District Instructional Technologist- Train Teachers in All Aspects and Use of the Smartboard and Smart Software, Blog
  • amckague learning how to use Smartboard to teach French in rural BC. I lurk and pick up some great smart resources.
  • msafed - use in my 7th and 8th grade ELA classroom, looking for and sharing resources
  • Mathsframe - Year 3/4 teacher trying to make high quality maths resources for interactive whiteboards - http://www.mathsframe.co.uk/free_resources.asp
  • mrich1911 - 7th Grade Math Teacher and EdTech Coach, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  Blog
  • waltonjm -- upper elementary educator interested in sharing interactive smartboard resources
  • skipz - Skip Zalneraitis Technology Integrator and teacher at Pioneer Valley Regional School, Northfield MA; Notebook 10 SMART-certified
  • enessman  - Grade 1 teacher, SMART board trainer, interested in sharing IWB resources. http://enessman.pbworks.com/
  • sandynay - Audrey Nay. Teacher Librarian and Technology Leader, Sandy Beach Public School, K-6, NSW, Australia
  • djainslieDodie Ainslie, Mentor and technology integrator Technology Tidbits (blog) Technology Thoughts Wiki with SB sharing page
  • krs917 Kurt Schollin (Instructional Technology Specialist: Bucks County, PA.) Cert. SMART Trainer, Promethean Trainer, Cert. Discovery Education Trainer
  • Ezra Adams, currently teaching at Episcopal Day School, Augusta, Georgia. Visit my blog and say hello!
  • Terri Hart LEARNER, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, lover of technology, technology integration, edtech, and Web2.

         http://twitter.com/#!/rickmccleary - Rick McCleary grade 6 teacher in Burford Ontario, Canada.  Very interested in getting full use out of my new Smartboard.



  • gardenglen - Middle School Science Literacy Teacher, Intel(R) Teach Senior Trainer, District Science Specialist, General GeekMiddle School Teachers
  • Ann Jones - Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • mswecker - K-8 Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, ACTIVboard fanatic :)
  • Activeducator - Promethean Educationalist & Primary trained teacher from UK
  • Planet_Tweets - News and info from the 280,000+ user Promethean Planet free lesson sharing and community website for Promethean Activclassroom or Activboard IWB users. (Note: The Promethean Planet Forum is the most active social media tool among the Promethean userbase - so represents a useful place to follow, start or reference relevant conversations around the Promethean technology platform.
  • ACTIVboardNZ  resources and tips for the ActivInspire software for interactive whiteboards – with a NZ flavour, but of interest to interest to IWB users anywhere 
  • hllshopster - K-8 Instructional Technology Resource Teacher - ACTIVboard trainer.
  • Patrick Ireland - K12 Promethean Activboard Sales Consultant, Virginia
  • Maureen Miller - K-8 Instructional Technology Curriculum Coordinator- Highland Park, Illinois
  • ActivTweets - Tweeting the latest news from Promethean and connecting teachers across the planet.
  • TeacherSol - Outstanding special education teacher, blogger and Activboard user from Washington D.C.  
  • Olliebray - Depute Headteacher at Musselburgh Grammar School, East Lothian, Scotland.
  • Infolibrarian - Tech crazy librarian based in Lancaster Pennsylvania .
  • Rapidbi - learning & development specialist for RapidBI, a business diagnosis company in London.
  • Mtechman - Elementary school librarian/tech integration teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • learnteachtech - Mpls., Mn.,AVID elective teacher, Promethean Inspire user and tech lover, blog = learnteachtech.blogspot.com.
  • dthaggard - Second grade teacher who loves her Activboard
  • McTeach - Seventh grade teacher in Northern California. Love my ActivBoard!
  • ssjenk6 - District Technology Integration Specialist.  Implementing and training Teachers on using ActivBoards! 
  • kusdiva  Joan Roehre, Distance Learning Facilitator, Kenosha Unified SD #1, Kenosha, WI
  • teachmathemagics (Kelly Clark) - I am in LOVE with Promeathen!  I made lessons for each of GA's "new" Math 1 course.  Email me and I'll give you a copy!  visit my website:  www.iteachmathemagics.com 
  • Leshaines123    ICT Teacher AST @ The Hereford Academy UK. Use most elements of my Promethean board and and entusiastic member of Promethean Planet
  • krs917 Kurt Schollin (Instructional Technology Specialist: Bucks County, PA.) Cert. SMART Trainer, Promethean Trainer, Cert. Discovery Education Trainer
  • joaoa - EFL and German teacher at a secondary school in Portugal. Also a teacher trainer in Activboards.

  • kpbooth  --After 33 years  teaching in public schools--now in Professional Development- Curriculum Development for Promethean-- Lopez Island, WA--I collaborate in creation of training manuals and develop curriculum based training materials and have an ActivClassroom in my house. :)
  •  Resume Service



Nintendo Wii Interactive Whiteboard (a.k.a "wiiboard")

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Aida6262 I have a SMART Board, and I also twitter on the resources I find useful for SMART Board. I teach 4th grade.

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