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Interactive Whiteboard People

Page history last edited by Jen Calipari 12 years ago

Please add your Twitter name to this page if you are affiliated with any of the interactive whiteboard companies below or if you share a lot of Twomshan: I am new to using smartboards and looking for ideas! I am the Literacy Specialist at my school and would love ideas.


  • http://www.twitter.com/teach24_7 second grade teacher in California... beginning to add many lessons and links for interactive whiteboards!
  •  bosoxfan9819 I teach 6th grade (all subjects) at a 6 - 12 charter school in Pennsylvania for at-risk students.  I am also an IEP case manager, educational technology mentor and classroom management mentor.  



  • mimioTechnology, Sue Ritchie, Web Business Manager for mimio. Former teacher (are we ever "former " teachers? I still feel like a teacher!) and creator of TeacherVision.com
  • @Tonyedtechtip - I am a secondary math teacher that loves using technology.  I have a website where I host a daily tech tip for teachers at http://tonystechtip.com. I am a user of Mimio and a registered Mimio Master. 


SMART Boards:


  • @JaneEMarko - SMART Certified Trainer - Marko & Associates specializes in education consulting, including school in-service at all levels, corporate management training and education consulting in other fields. Website: http://markoandassociates.com/ or follow me on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/JaneFacebook
  • @MooreDe - Grade 2 Teacher, Technology Specialist, SmartBoard User 3 years; I twitter on resources I find useful for the SmartBoard, for the primary grades. 
    • Interested in:  Web 2.0, IWB, Technology Resources, Collaboration, Digital Authoring
  • ellen_schmitt– Computer Resource Specialist (Parkway School District),  SMART Notebook Certified Trainer  http://delicious.com/.links St. Louis, MO 
  • Kelly Smith : 6th grade in San Diego, California. Interested in Skyping with other classrooms. Currently using iPod/iPad in the classroom. Currently using Google Documents, Sketchup, Google Sites. Currently using Smart Boards. I'm a Smart Exemplary Educator. I am also a technology trainer at Teacher Tech. My blog . Follow me on twitter.
  • Stephanie Madlinger @cyberteacher - Ed Tech Program Coordinator & Trainer (previous classroom teacher)  I have worked with SMART Boards since 2001.
  • @Gardenation - Leon Lenchner (Teacher Librarian, Reading Recovery Teacher, eLearning Instructor)
  • theTREASUREtree and TinyAcorns animated and interactive teaching resources suitable for use with SMART boards or any other IWB or pc http://www.thetreasuretree.co.uk/
  • mathteacher04 I teach 5th - 8th grade math and know a little about Smartboard and would love to do more!!
  • http://twitter.com/creativeclimate: intermediate teacher in CO.  Professional-themed blog, delicious account, classroom wikispace (protected), beginning flip cam videographer, teaches all subject areas, interested in "flattening" a "whole new world" via wikis
  • http://twitter.com/MySMARTSpaces
  • Ben Hazzard - Smart Board podcastEdit
  • Joan Badger - Smart Board podcast
  • James Hollis
  • sethdickens (Seth Dickens) Teacher-Trainer specialising in ICT and classroom technology. Based in Trento, Italy. Blog Address: www.digitalang.com/blog
  • ghartman - Ed Tech Specialist who trains teachers on how to use Smart Boards.
  • starden - Linda Rush (SMART Master Trainer) Website: www.rush2knowledge.com
  • SMART_Tech - Follow Smart Technologies on Twitter Cleaning Supplies
  • debbiefuco - ICT Specialist, Educational Technology, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Media Literacy, Doctoral Student, Digital Video, Middle School, Social Studies
  • Shannon Smith - Teacher - Professional Development Provider - Technology Educational Consultant - www.recesstec.com
  • Ton Koenraad - ICT-E Consultant, Professional Development Provider, IWB researcher, Special interest: IWB-Pedagogy for Modern Languages
  • mnebel-K-12 Instructional Technology Coach, Missouri...buy darvocet from drug store without prescription also check online pharmacy  Trains teachers to use SMART boards Website Design Company
  • Cancer Palliative Care
  • SEO Firm
  • lorir - Lori Reed, SMART Exemplary Educator, Texas teacher and trainer
  • farroutlinks - Jen Farr, Educational Technology Consultant/NY State Administrator.  Blog about Web 2.0 and free resources that can be used to help effectively integrate technology in the classroom:  http://farroutlinks.net/blog.  Using Twitter to expand my PLN.  Email:  farroutlinks@gmail.com.
  • TBrown - Instructional Technology Coordinator, train teachers to use the SMART Board
  • 2Dogdad - Tech Coordinator and Elementary Teacher - Blog is super.edublogs.org
  • web20classroom- District Instructional Technologist- Train Teachers in All Aspects and Use of the Smartboard and Smart Software, Blog
  • amckague learning how to use Smartboard to teach French in rural BC. I lurk and pick up some great smart resources.
  • msafed - use in my 7th and 8th grade ELA classroom, looking for and sharing resources
  • Mathsframe - Year 3/4 teacher trying to make high quality maths resources for interactive whiteboards - http://www.mathsframe.co.uk/free_resources.asp
  • mrich1911 - 7th Grade Math Teacher and EdTech Coach, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  Blog
  • waltonjm -- upper elementary educator interested in sharing interactive smartboard resources
  • skipz - Skip Zalneraitis Technology Integrator and teacher at Pioneer Valley Regional School, Northfield MA; Notebook 10 SMART-certified
  • enessman  - Grade 1 teacher, SMART board trainer, interested in sharing IWB resources. http://enessman.pbworks.com/
  • sandynay - Audrey Nay. Teacher Librarian and Technology Leader, Sandy Beach Public School, K-6, NSW, Australia
  • djainslieDodie Ainslie, Mentor and technology integrator Technology Tidbits (blog) Technology Thoughts Wiki with SB sharing page
  • krs917 Kurt Schollin (Instructional Technology Specialist: Bucks County, PA.) Cert. SMART Trainer, Promethean Trainer, Cert. Discovery Education Trainer
  • Ezra Adams, currently teaching at Episcopal Day School, Augusta, Georgia. Visit my blog and say hello!
  • Terri Hart LEARNER, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, lover of technology, technology integration, edtech, and Web2.

         http://twitter.com/#!/rickmccleary - Rick McCleary grade 6 teacher in Burford Ontario, Canada.  Very interested in getting full use out of my new Smartboard.



  • gardenglen - Middle School Science Literacy Teacher, Intel(R) Teach Senior Trainer, District Science Specialist, General GeekMiddle School Teachers
  • Ann Jones - Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • mswecker - K-8 Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, ACTIVboard fanatic :)
  • Activeducator - Promethean Educationalist & Primary trained teacher from UK
  • Planet_Tweets - News and info from the 280,000+ user Promethean Planet free lesson sharing and community website for Promethean Activclassroom or Activboard IWB users. (Note: The Promethean Planet Forum is the most active social media tool among the Promethean userbase - so represents a useful place to follow, start or reference relevant conversations around the Promethean technology platform.
  • ACTIVboardNZ  resources and tips for the ActivInspire software for interactive whiteboards – with a NZ flavour, but of interest to interest to IWB users anywhere 
  • hllshopster - K-8 Instructional Technology Resource Teacher - ACTIVboard trainer.
  • Patrick Ireland - K12 Promethean Activboard Sales Consultant, Virginia
  • Maureen Miller - K-8 Instructional Technology Curriculum Coordinator- Highland Park, Illinois
  • ActivTweets - Tweeting the latest news from Promethean and connecting teachers across the planet.
  • TeacherSol - Outstanding special education teacher, blogger and Activboard user from Washington D.C.  
  • Olliebray - Depute Headteacher at Musselburgh Grammar School, East Lothian, Scotland.
  • Infolibrarian - Tech crazy librarian based in Lancaster Pennsylvania .
  • Rapidbi - learning & development specialist for RapidBI, a business diagnosis company in London.
  • Mtechman - Elementary school librarian/tech integration teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • learnteachtech - Mpls., Mn.,AVID elective teacher, Promethean Inspire user and tech lover, blog = learnteachtech.blogspot.com.
  • dthaggard - Second grade teacher who loves her Activboard
  • McTeach - Seventh grade teacher in Northern California. Love my ActivBoard!
  • ssjenk6 - District Technology Integration Specialist.  Implementing and training Teachers on using ActivBoards! 
  • kusdiva  Joan Roehre, Distance Learning Facilitator, Kenosha Unified SD #1, Kenosha, WI
  • teachmathemagics (Kelly Clark) - I am in LOVE with Promeathen!  I made lessons for each of GA's "new" Math 1 course.  Email me and I'll give you a copy!  visit my website:  www.iteachmathemagics.com 
  • Leshaines123    ICT Teacher AST @ The Hereford Academy UK. Use most elements of my Promethean board and and entusiastic member of Promethean Planet
  • krs917 Kurt Schollin (Instructional Technology Specialist: Bucks County, PA.) Cert. SMART Trainer, Promethean Trainer, Cert. Discovery Education Trainer
  • joaoa - EFL and German teacher at a secondary school in Portugal. Also a teacher trainer in Activboards.

  • kpbooth  --After 33 years  teaching in public schools--now in Professional Development- Curriculum Development for Promethean-- Lopez Island, WA--I collaborate in creation of training manuals and develop curriculum based training materials and have an ActivClassroom in my house. :)
  •  Resume Service



Nintendo Wii Interactive Whiteboard (a.k.a "wiiboard")

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Aida6262 I have a SMART Board, and I also twitter on the resources I find useful for SMART Board. I teach 4th grade.

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