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Pre-service Teachers

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Pre-service Teachers:


  • cyndidannerkuhn:  I teach pre-service teachers at Kansas State University. Come check out my website and subscribe to my technology newsletter.  http://www.cyndidannerkuhn.info
  • www.twitter.com/ashleyanne6387: I am in Cyndi's technology class here at Kansas State University. I will graduate in May 2011 in elementary education. My website is www.misshuse.info 
  • Kayley Otto - I am also in Cyndi's class. I major in Secondary Education: content area history and minors in Japanese and East Asian Studies. My website: www.kayleybrooke.info 
  • Janet Peak - Junior in Secondary Education at Kansas State University, Content: Family & Consumer Sciences.

          Check out my educational website! http://web.me.com/jpeak/JanetPeak

  • Emma Berger- I am a Senior at Western Michigan University.  I will be graduating in May of 2010 in Elementary Education, with minors in mathematics and language arts, with an Early Childhood Endorsement. 
  • Laura Wolfson - I am a Brock University Teacher Education student and will graduate in May 2010 with qualifications to teach in Primary/Junior.
  • Tara Beattie- I am a pre-service teacher at Brock University and will graduate in 2010 with Primary/Junior qualifications.

    I am a pre-service teacher at Brock University and will be graduating in 2010 with Junior / Intermediate qualifications 

  • Melissa Gallo - I am a teacher candidate at Brock University in the Junior/Intermediate Level.  I will be graduating in June 2010.
  • Barb Lieberman - I am a pre-service teacher, transferring to Western Governors University in the Fall of 2010 to complete my Bachelors in K-12 Special Education.
  • Cathy-Anne Scott - I am a pre-service teacher (Primary) in Australia (graduating at the end of 2011). 
  • Tracy Somers-Brown - I am a pre-service teacher (Elementary-Middle Years) at the University of Alberta. Completion 2011. Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/TemporalParadox
  • Jessica Ward  - I am a pre-service teacher in the Arts Education program at the University of Regina. I am majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in drama.
  • lowrancem - Melissa Lowrance, I teach Preservice Teachers in Division of Education at Trinity International University. I teach Technology Integration courses for Pre-Service programs in undergraduate and Master's certification program. I also teach Elementary Science Methods and Technology Applications classes for general ed. My interests are in STEM, 21st century skills/outcomes and web 2.0 technologies in the teaching/learning environment.
  • Dave Wadding - Pre-service teacher at Arizona State University, graduating 2011. BAEd.
  • Heather Tomkins - Graduated from University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2008 with a BS in Secondary Education and certified to teach Biology. *Finally* got a job teaching grades 6-8 this 2010/2011 school year in Atlanta, GA.
  • Kellie Wallen- Elementary Education Student at Michigan State University- Pursuing Language Arts & Early Childhood specializations- Expected to Graduate in 2012 www.twitter.com/kw624
  • Jessica Hammerstein - Student Teaching High School Language Arts in the fall in the high school from which I graduated in 1998 with my high school English Teacher.  I will be obtaining my teaching certification in December and finishing my Master of Arts in Teaching in the Spring.  Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MissHammerstein / Keep up with me on eBlogger:  http://eventualeducator.blogspot.com/   :) 
  • Kaitlyn Goral- Elementary Education Michigan State Alum 10. Student teaching this fall in a 6th grade classroom. Focus in Language Arts, but will be teaching all subjects this year. 
  • Jeni Bridges- Senior Elementary Education major in Texas, graduating May 2011. Student teaching 1st grade and 4th grade math and science.
  • Melanie Hedley -  I am a teacher candidate at Brock University. My teachable is Health and Physical Education. I will be graduating from Brock in May 2011 with a BEd degree.
  • Katie Rosenkranz - I am a pre-service teacher at the U of R in Saskatchewan. My major is Business Education and my minor is Math. Looking to connect and share resources and ideas with other educators! 
  • Corrin Cross - I'm a pre-service teacher at the University of Regina. I have a Math major and Music minor. Heading into internship in August 2011, and graduating in May 2012. 



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Comments (2)

Melissa Gallo said

at 9:16 am on Jan 6, 2010

Melissa Gallo - I am a teacher candidate at Brock University in the Junior/Intermediate level. I will graduate in June 2010

Kirsty Muileboom said

at 7:36 pm on Sep 12, 2010

Kirsty Muileboom-I am a teacher candidate at Brock University in the Primary/Junior level. I will graduate in May 2011.

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